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Asset tagging

To help you classify and describe your assets better, you can tag them. You can search for and filter on specific tags, so tagging increases the visibility of assets to users. You can add tags manually, or get Bynder to tag assets for you using AI-based automated tags.

Bynder AI is powered by Rekognition, a service offered by Amazon Web Services.

Manual tagging

You can add a tag on asset upload or when you edit an asset on the asset detail page.

To add a tag, open the tags tab, start typing and press Enter to add the tag. When a tag already exists in the system you can select it from the suggestions list.

If you upload or edit multiple assets:

  • Open the Tags tab and add a tag to the list. This tag will apply to all the assets you are uploading. The tags are color-coded to help you see which ones apply to specific assets (grey tags)and which ones apply to all assets you are uploading or editing (white tags).

    tags tab

    • color coding for tags

  • Add the tag to a specific asset. This tag will then apply to this asset only.

    tags on asset level

  • To delete a tag, click the x symbol on the selected tag.

Automated tagging

Make sure you have this feature enabled for your account. Contact your Bynder Customer Success Manager for information and help with the setup.

To help you quickly generate tags for your assets, Bynder has an automatic tagging feature. Automated tags can be a time-saver if you upload big batches of assets.

If enabled, JPG and PNG images are scanned on upload. Objects in the images are tagged if the confidence level of tag is above 60%. The created tags with their confidence level display in the Tags filter and on the asset detail page.

confidence level in automated tags

You can filter and search on automated tags.

automated tags in tags filter

If you have the Edit media permission, you can remove automated tags that you think do not match the image on the Asset detail page.

  • Currently only JPG and PNG file tagging is supported.
  • If you need to generate automated tags for your existing assets, contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • Tags are generated in US English.
  • Facial recognition is not supported.
  • Currently, automated tagging only works for the images uploaded with the regular Asset Bank uploader. Automated tagging for images uploaded with Mass Uploader, Version Uploader or through workflow is currently not supported.
  • Currently, you cannot edit automated tags.
  • Automated tags appear when assets are saved to the Asset Bank so they will not be visible when assets are uploaded for approval.

Tag management

You can manage your tags on the Settings > Tags page. This page enables you to search for specific tags, and sort them as per name, date added, or the number of linked assets. You can also add or delete a tag, or edit its name.

Automated tags do not appear on the Tag management page.

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