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Track asset usage

If you use assets from Bynder in external CMS solutions, you can easily track which assets are used where.

The Statistics tab available on the asset detail page offers an Asset tracker section where you can see which CMS uses the asset and when the asset was added to the CMS page. If you click the URL, you can go directly to the CMS page where the asset is used. The Tracker tab is only visible if there is tracking data available.

When you add an asset to the CMS page, the data in the Asset tracker gets automatically updated.

You need to have the Statistics permission to see the data.

To use Asset tracker:

  • you need to be a user of Insights. See Get your statistics from Bynder.
  • you need to have a working Bynder integration with one of the solutions:
    • Hippo
    • Drupal 8

    Check with your Customer Success Manager if Asset Tracker is available for the following integrations:

    • Sitecore
    • Drupal 7
    • Veriflies
    • Salesforce Social Studio
    • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
    • Sprinklr
    • SDL
    • Magento
    • Hootsuite
    • Wordpress

If you have built the integration of Bynder and one of the systems from the list yourself, you can also use the Asset tracker, but you need to implement the API calls using one of the following integration IDs:

1f8bfa30-ac8c-4188-9327-cd467dc1700bSalesforce Commerce Cloud
67e4cef1-320a-4ec8-b307-0a6614325259Drupal 7
6e89f68c-5ff7-4ec2-bbb6-00a64f713e8cSalesforce Social Studio
a7129512-c6e3-47a3-be40-9a66503e82edDrupal 8

For details on how you can implement asset usage, see Bynder API.

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