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Use Bynder with Slack

If you are a Slack user, you can access Bynder and use your assets in Slack. From within a public or a private Slack channel, you can search for Bynder files, and download them.

Log in and log out

To start working with Bynder, download the app and authenticate with Bynder by entering /bynder login domain

After you log in, you can use all the features of the Bynder app.

bot login

To log out, enter

/bynder logout

Search for Bynder files

You can search for a file using a keyword. Enter /bynder search keyword

For example, if you look for assets related to Amsterdam, enter /bynder search Amsterdam.

Use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate through assets that match the keyword. Click Send to send the file via chat.

search function

Find the right command

To get a list of available commands you can use, enter:

/bynder help

bot help

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