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Notification center

To help you manage the messages that the system generates for you, such as, for example, the information about the download file that has been prepared for you, you can use the Notification center. It offers and easy way of accessing all the messages, without the need of searching through the email box.

The Notification center gathers all the notifications in one place and presents the messages from the latest to the oldest ones under separate categories, such as Asset Bank or History CSV.

notification center

Whenever there is a new notification, it displays in the top bar on the icon. You can click the icon for the notifications list to expand.

If a download or an upload notification has been audited, it does not display again for other users.

Currently the Notification center gathers the messages generated by the Asset Bank, however, we are working on extending its capabilities.

Make sure you have this feature enabled for your account. Contact your Bynder Customer Success Manager for information and help with the setup.

Notifications about version update

Users can also be notified when a version of an asset they have downloaded has been updated through the Asset detail page or through the Version updater. Notifications display both when a user downloaded an original or any of the derivatives. Additionally, notifications are created if the asset version has first been removed and then updated.

Notifications about assets being archived

See Archive assets.

SNS notifications

Changes in your brand portal can also be monitored with the Amazon SNS service. Whenever a notification is triggered, you receive an email or a text message with a XML containing the information about the change (type of change, asset ID, time of change). The information allows you to later call API to see the changes in the brand portal.

The messages are currently available for archiving assets, updated version, prepared download ZIP, new uploads, and deleted assets.

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