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Create API tokens for your app

If you have an app that you want to use with Bynder, you can generate an API token for the app to use when requesting access to Bynder.

Make sure you have this feature enabled for your account. Contact your Bynder Customer Success Manager for information and help with the setup.

Before you begin

You need Admin settings rights to perform this task. Go to Settings > Users & rights > Permission management to verify your rights. You also need to have one of the following rights enabled for your account:

  • Bynder settings - Settings: enables you to access the settings page for setting up API tokens.
  • Bynder settings - Create API credentials: enables you to create consumers and tokens.
  • Bynder settings - List API credentials: displays a list of all the tokens created for your account.
  • Bynder settings - Revoke API credentials: enables you to delete selected tokens.

Try it

  1. Go to Yourwebsitename/pysettings.
  2. In the Account section, click the API token hyperlink.
  3. Click +Create new consumer.
  4. Enter the name of the consumer to use the API token and click Create.
  5. Copy the consumer key and consumer secret.
    When you click OK the data disappears.
  6. Click +Create new token.
  7. Enter your user name and the name of the consumer to use the API token.
  8. Click Create.
  9. Copy the token and the token secret.
    When you click OK the data disappears.


You can now provide users with the required data to connect to Bynder through an API.

You can create multiple tokens for a consumer. To delete a token, click block next to the token you want to revoke.

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