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Find asset duplicates


By default the Duplicate Finder is not enabled for portals and can't be enabled for portals that are on Files Service. Read more about it here.

You can use our duplicate finder to locate duplicate assets in your portal. The duplicates are found based on pHash comparison. You can decide which of the duplicate set should be marked as original, and you can delete other duplicate files. Currently, there is no option to resolve or ignore duplicates.

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How to Enable the Duplicate Finder?

By default, the Duplicate Finder is not enabled for your portal. Contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss if the Duplicate Finder can be enabled for your portal.


The Duplicate Finder is deprecated for portals that are on Files Service. If your portal is not on Files Service yet you can still make use of the Duplicate Finder.

Are you not sure if you're on File Service? We've sent out communication to our clients who are on File Service. Contact your portal administrator for more information.

Use the duplicate finder

1. To start the finder, open your asset overview and click duplicate_finder-icon.png in your action bar.


Hover over for a visual walkthrough


The duplicate finder does not support PNG files, which means that no duplicate PNG files will be found.

pHash comparison

We find duplicates based on pHash (perceptual hash) comparison. We turn the image to black and white, make it smaller and calculate the hash. When you run the duplicate finder image hashes are compared and if they are the same, these images are considered duplicates.


Our duplicate finder works best with images. Since it scans thumbnails, it might generate imprecise results for PDF and PPT files. For example, if two PDFs have the same front page used as the thumb but are in different languages, they will still be considered duplicates. Sometimes, a color difference of an element might show images as duplicates.

Working with results

You can scroll down the results page to see the full list of duplicate sets. The sets are ordered in the same way your Asset Library is ordered. If you have the "by date added" arrangement applied, you will find the latest duplicates on top of the results list.

In each results line you see a set of images considered duplicates.


You can select which image you want to keep in the Asset Library and delete the rest. Clicking Make original keeps the selected image and deletes the other images from the set.


Currently, metadata is not merged, so if you decide to delete a duplicate, its metadata gets deleted as well.

Limit the finder scope

To limit the scope of the finder, or to find results in a specific category, you can apply filters and then run the finder. Alternatively, you can run the finder first, and then apply filters to find specific duplicates.

For example, you can use the Advanced > Added by filter to see if there might be any duplicates in the assets you have added to the Asset Library.


The duplicate finder does not support PNG files, which means that no duplicate PNG assets will be found.

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