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Export videos to Vimeo

Do you host videos on Vimeo? Use Bynder as your single source of truth and save yourself the time of uploading twice. Find out below how you can directly export the videos in your portal to Vimeo.

How to enable this feature?

  1. Contact your Customer Success Manager if want to have this feature enabled for your portal.

  2. Once the feature has been enabled, go to settings_menu.png Settings > Users & rights & Permission Management and enable the permission Publish to Vimeo for the permission profile(s) that should be able to export videos to Vimeo directly.

How to export videos to Vimeo?

  1. Go to your Bynder portal and open the video you want to export to Vimeo.

  2. In the right sidebar click the Publish to Vimeo button. A popup will open.

  3. If prompted, log in to your Vimeo account using your Vimeo credentials.

  4. You will be asked to authorize Bynder to upload videos on your behalf and to access your Vimeo data. Read the authorization information carefully and click the Allow button if you approve to continue the export.

  5. (Optional) Customize the title in the Title field. By default the Bynder title of your video will be used.

  6. (Optional) Enter a description for your video in the Description field.

  7. Click the Privacy dropdown to set the privacy settings for your Vimeo video.

    • private

      Only you will be able to access the video.

    • public

      The video will be publicly accessible.

    • unlisted

      This will allow you to share the video through a private link. Only people with access to this link will be able to access the video.

  8. Click Upload to upload your video to Vimeo.

The video will be uploaded to Vimeo and the URL to the video will be shown in the popup. You can copy the link and close the screen.

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