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Decide which file should be used for previews

Normally, files that have the same filename are automatically merged on upload. This means that the first file shows as the original and the other files are available on the Asset detail page under Available files. Also, merged files will show as one version. So, for example, if you upload myfile.png and myfile.xls, and later you upload myfile.xls, the file that you upload later will show as version 1 of the bundled files.


With merged files you can then decide which of these files you want to use to generate the asset preview. For example, you might decide, that you want to generate previews for JPG files, and if they are not present, take the AI file.

However, you might choose a feature that disables files from merging automatically. Then they will show as separate assets in the Asset Library.


Make sure you have this feature enabled for your account. Contact your Bynder Customer Success Manager for information and help with the setup.

How to enable this feature

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to have this feature enabled for your portal.

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