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Custom Thumbnails

When you upload a zip file ZIP or an audio file, by default, they have a generic thumbnail. You can change this thumbnail on the Asset detail screen. You can set a custom thumbnail for the following files:

  • Images: jpg, png, bmp, tif, gif, ai, psd, indd

  • Video: mp4, mov, avi, 3gp, m4v, wmv

  • Audio: mp3, m4a

  • ZIP files

  • Other formats: xml, docm, pptm, xlsm


  • Make sure you have this feature enabled for your account. Contact your Bynder Customer Success Manager for information and help with the setup.collect

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How to add a custom thumbnail?

  1. Open the Assets overview and click on the file you want to edit.

  2. Click to open the Edit tab and scroll down the list.

  3. Open the Custom thumbnail tab.

  4. Remove the old thumbnail and upload the custom one.


    • Cropping and setting the focus point are not available for custom thumbnails.

    • You can see the custom thumbnail for video files in the Asset overview, but in Asset detail, it changes to the in-build media player.

    • When you update a version of an asset that has a custom thumbnail, you need to update the thumbnail as well.

    • All derivatives are created from the original image.

The new thumbnail should be visible after a while and it will replace the default placeholder. See the example below.


Left: Default zip thumbnail Right: Custom thumbnail for zip file

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