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Uploading Assets

Both users who are logged in and not logged in can upload assets to Bynder. When you're logged in you can immediately tag your new assets with the right metaproperty options, tags and other information.

Bynder also supports extracting EXIF, IPTC, XMP metadata upon upload and can fill the default Bynder fields as well as custom metaproperties with this data.

When you're building or working with integrations you can also use our API and SDKs to upload assets. If you have a large number of assets to import you can upload them via SFTP or have them imported by our Professional Services team. You can send us your files using an AWS Snowball.

Read more about our upload options below and start uploading your assets to one central place.

Upload Limitations

You can upload a maximum of 250 files per batch and the maximum file size per file is 50 GB. The maximum file resolution of an asset is 25000 by 25000 pixels. Files exceeding this limitation are not supported. This also applies to vector files.

Logged-in Users

As a logged in user you can upload assets for approval in the Waiting Room, or depending on your user rights, directly to the DAM. If you upload assets to the Waiting Room, the approver is automatically notified.

You can upload assets using the following:

  • the Upload media button - enables you to upload assets and tag them with the right metaproperty options, tags and other information. See Upload assets as a logged-in user for more information about uploading in the upload screen.

    . A redirect option is possible, so that whenever users click Import media, they are redirected to Mass Version Updater.

  • the Mass Version Updater - mainly used to upload and update version of assets. However, if an uploaded asset is not recognized as a version, it's added as a new assets. You can also set verification rules so that only specific assets are added as new in the Asset Library, and if the defined criteria are not met, the asset ends in a Waiting Room. Read more about the Mass Version Updater.

  • the Mass Uploader - enables you to upload large batches of files. Normally, the files should be accompanied with a CSV file that lists the metaproperties of the uploaded assets. The Mass Uploader links the files to metaproperties, and populates the metaproperties automatically. Also, whenever there are tags in your CSV file that do not yet exist in the system, they can be created on upload.

    Depending on your system, you might be able to upload 2000 assets at a time. Read more about the Mass Uploader.

External Users

External users can upload their files without the need of logging in. As and external user, you can use the External Uploader available on the login page. The media that you upload with the External Uploader is placed in the Waiting room of the recipient who needs to approve them . The recipient is also notified about the files being sent. There is no limit to the number of files you can upload with the External Uploader.

Users can enter the recipient's email in the External Uploader, however, the functionality can also be configured in such a way that only a pre-selected choice of email addresses is displayed.

If your external users want to verify the terms and conditions of the Uploader, you can have them configured and added to the Uploader.

For more information, see Upload assets as an external user.

Upload Assets Using SFTP

Do you want to import a large number of files? Import your files using the Secure File Transfer Protocol also known as SFTP.

For more information see Importing Assets with SFTP

Upload Assets Using the Bynder API or SDKs

You can also upload assets to Bynder using our API. Check out our API documentation for more information.

Are you building an integration and would you like to upload assets to Bynder via your integration? Use one of our available SDKs and speed up your development process.

Import Assets via Professional Services

We can help you import your assets into Bynder. You can send us your files on an AWS Snowball combined with a CSV file with asset data. Our Professional Services can then import the media into your portal. These are paid services.

For more information, see Import media to Bynder.

Upload and Browsers

You can upload 250 files in one batch upload with a maximum of 4TB in total (depending on the browser you use). This also applies to assets uploaded to workflow.


  • Most current browsers are 64-bit, but some older browsers, especially on older operating systems, are still 32-bit. 32-bit browsers cannot upload large files and have an upload limit of 4GB (IE9 and lower, or Mozilla Firefox 12.0). For more information, see Additional information on browsers.

  • The maximum allowed video dimensions for video preview are 8192 (width) x 8192 (height) pixels. Videos exceeding this limit can be uploaded, but no video preview will be available.

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