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Add Watermark to Your Assets

Do you have sensitive assets that should not be downloaded without approval? Make use of watermarks and manage who can download this material. A watermark is an image that is placed on an asset, so that the original image is not fully visible anymore. This is to protect copyrighted and unreleased assets from being downloaded freely. Downloads of watermarked assets have to be approved by admin users before light users can download this material. In this way assets are downloaded in a controlled and safe way.

What is the benefit of using watermarks?

When there are sensitive assets stored in your portal you do not want users to download this material freely. Watermarks help you to take control over who downloads sensitive assets. Before users can download this material they will have to request download access and justifiy why they need the files. As an administator this allows you to have full control over who can download your sensitive data.

How to enable watermarks?

Follow the instructions below to set up the watermark feature for your portal:

  1. Contact your Onboarding Manager or Customer Success Manager, who is happy to assist you in setting this up.

  2. Send us the file you want to use as the watermark. Make sure the file is a PNG file with a transparent layer, so that the watermark can overlap the original asset without any background color.

    There are no other requirements the image should meet. We recommend using a file no larger than 1MB with a minimum resolution of 800 by 600 pixels and with the transparency set to 50%. The level of transparency can be adjusted to your needs. Below you'll find an example watermark.


    Click to enlarge

  3. Once the watermark has been set up you can start setting up the permissions. Go to Settings > Users & rights & Permission Management.

    1. Enable the permission Download watermarked assets directly for the user profiles that should be able to download watermarked material directly without requesting approval.


      These users will still see the watermark in the Asset Detail view.

    2. Enable the permission Audit download requests for the user profiles who should approve or reject the download requests from other users who want to download watermarked material.

Supported file formats

You can place a watermark on image, video, audio and document assets. Although a download request is always required for downloading watermarked material, the watermark itself cannot be placed on the preview of audio, document and video files. This means that the preview playback will remain visible and users could potentially still record your sensitive data. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you want to have the preview playback disabled for watermarked audio, document and video assets.


  • When the preview playback is disabled for watermarked material this will apply to all watermarked audio, document and video assets.

  • When the preview for watermarked assets is disabled even the users with Download watermarked assets directly permission cannot see the preview.

How to add a watermark during upload?

  1. Go to your portal and start the asset upload. Read more about uploading assets here.

  2. Go to the Advanced Rights section in the left sidebar of the upload screen.

  3. Select Show watermark.

  4. (Optional) Choose when you want to watermark the asset

    • Now - this option will immediately watermark the asset. When the upload is complete the asset will be watermarked in the Asset Library.

    • On (date) - when you select a date and the exact time, the asset will be watermarked on this date. Until then it will be visible for users in the Asset Library. The date displays in the time-zone of the user.


      • Depending on your portal setup it may not be possible to set up a future date for the watermark.

      • If the user does not have the time zone set up for his/her account, the portal time zone is taken into account.

  5. (Optional) Apply other metadata to the assets.

  6. Click Store selected files to finish the upload.

Now, the users who do not have the right to download watermarked assets will see the Available upon request button on the asset detail page. They need to click the button and provide the reason for requesting these files. The request is then displayed in the Notification center and in the Waiting Room of the approver.

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