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Relate assets in the Asset Bank

When you upload or edit multiple files, you can relate the assets to other files that have something in common. If you click on an asset in your DAM, then on the Asset detail page you can see the main asset as well as the related assets.

Before you begin

  • Make sure you have the Metaproperty management rights to set up this functionality.


  1. Go to settings_menu.pngSettings > Taxonomy > Metaproperties management.

  2. Click the plus icon to create a new metaproperty.

  3. Provide the name and enter Related assets in the Label field.

  4. Select Linked assets as the Type.

  5. Select Image bank as the Module.

  6. Select the metaproperty to have the following filter options Searchable, Editable, Display field, Main Filter and Drilldown results.

  7. Save your metaproperty.

Add related assets

  1. Upload or select multiple assets to edit.

  2. Expand the Related assets filter.

  3. Click the + Add related assets.

  4. Select the assets and click Add media.

  5. If you want to relate assets to each other as well, select the Relate selected (uploaded) assets to each other check box.


    This checkbox is only available if you are uploading or editing multiple assets.


The related assets display on the Asset detail page in the Related assets tab.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 17.20.26.png

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