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View statistics on Asset detail page

If you want to monitor how viewed and downloaded an asset, you can do so in the Statistics tab on the Asset detail page.


Click on an asset to go to the Asset detail page and open the Statistics tab to see the data. Hover over the names of the users to see the number of times they downloaded an asset.


  • You need to have the View portal insights permission to see and access the tab. Go to Settings > Users & rights > Permission Management to verify your permissions.

  • Each file that is included in a download counts as a separate download.

    An asset always hosts the original file but often also has derivatives available. When users click the Download all files button each file that is included in the download will be counted as a separate download.

    For example, if for an image asset two derivatives are available and the user clicks the Download all files button this will be counted as 3 downloads (1 original file + 2 derivatives).

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