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Bynder supports two versions of API: API v4 and API v5.

If you are looking for Workflow or the Product Layer-related API information, look up v5. See API v5.

If you are looking for API information relating to collections, metaproperties, tags, or uploading and downloading assets, look up API v4. See API v4.


To ensure consistent performance across all Bynder services, we've decided to limit the number of requests a single IP address can handle per second (r/s). This means that we'll serve a maximum of 15 requests a second. After 15 requests every other request made within the same second will be rejected. When a request is rejected you'll receive the 429 (Too many Requests) error from the API.

The limit is fixed and can't be increased.

Optimize Retrieving a Large Number of Assets with Deep Searching

Do you have a PIM or another external system that needs to be synced with your Bynder assets and their metadata? Experience faster loading times for the media API call when you regularly retrieve a large number of assets via our API by making use of our deep search feature.

When this feature is enabled for your portal a Bynder-NextCursor response header will be returned in the media API call. You can use this value to retrieve the asset information of the next page more quickly. When requesting a large number of pages this optimization can reduce the total loading time of your media calls significantly.

Read more about the call in our API documentation.

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to have this feature enabled for your portal.

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