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Quick Start Guide - Brand Guidelines

Do you want to quickly start off with Brand Guidelines? Take a look at our Quick Start Guide below and start creating your Brand Guidelines.

  1. Go to your Brand Guidelines overview page. Click the guidelines_settings.png button in the top right corner. Click Theme sets and click on the available theme sets to set up your typography and brand colors.

  2. Click the + Create guide icon to create your first guide.

  3. Enter a title for your new guide and click Create.

  4. An ‘Untitled’ chapter will be pre-created with an ‘Untitled’ page so that you can immediately start adding content to the first page. Double-click on the chapter/page title to rename it.

  5. Set up the guide visibility by clicking the guidelines_menu.png icon in the top bar and click Guide visibility. Select the users who can see the guide and click Save. Read more about guide visibility here.

  6. You can create more chapters by clicking Add Chapter in the sidebar.

  7. To add a page to a chapter, click Add page below the chapter's title. If necessary, repeat this step to add additional pages to your chapter(s).

  8. Enter a title for your page and click Create.

  9. Hover over the page right below the page title and click the add_content.jpg icon to add a new section. A new section with a widget picker will appear on your page.

  10. By default, the section makes use of one column. To better divide your content, you can also make use of different column layouts. Hover over the section, open the 1 column dropdown and click one of the alternative layouts.

  11. Click the add_content2.jpg icon inside the section and select one of the available widgets.


    Hover over a section and click the duplicate_brand_guidelines.png button to duplicate the item and its content.

    • Text = Click the textbox_guidelines.jpg button if you want to available text styles (headings, paragraph, etc.) to your page. Write and manage your content in the text editor. Use the Paragraph dropdown in the WYSIWYG editor to select the preferred heading for your text. Use the other available options in the editor to format or color your text. The text widget is limited to 4000 characters.

      Click the link_brand_guidelines.png button in the editor to create a link. Enter the display text in the Link Title field and enter the URL in the Link Target field. Enter mailto followed by the email address in the Link Target field if you want to link to an email address. For example:

    • Media = Click the image_guidelines.jpg button to add an image, document or other file type and select one of the following options.

      Choose from assets

      Click Choose from assets to select an asset from the Asset Bank, which will open the Compact View. Filter or search for the asset you need and select it. Open the dropdown at the bottom of the Compact View and select whether you want to use the original asset or one of the available public derivatives. Click Add media to add your asset.


      You can only select Original if the asset is marked as public.

      Choose from desktop

      Select this option if you want to add media from your desktop.

    • Color palette = Click the color_palette.png button if you want to add a color palette to your page. A placeholder will appear. Click the + button in the placeholder to add the first color. Enter the name for your color in the Color name field.

      Enter the desired color code in one of the available default color mode fields. Optionally, you can click the + icon to add other colors.

    • Video = Click the video_guides.png button to add a video to your page. A placeholder will appear. Click the video_guides.png icon in the placeholder and the Compact View will open. Filter or search for the video you need, select it and click Add media.

    • Collection = Click the collection_embed_button.png button to embed a collection (the embed code for the collection will need to be available). Learn more about embedding collections here.

    • Audio = Click the audio_widget.png button to add audio to your page. Read more about audio widgets here.

    • Table = Click the table_widget.png button to add a table to your page. Read more about table widgets here.

    • Space Divider = Click the space_divider.png button to add a space divider to your content, which allows you to add space between widgets so you can better customize the layout of your page. Use the handle to set the height of the divider from 24 pixels up to 500 pixels. The width of the divider is automatically adjusted to the width of the column.

  12. (Optional) Hover over the section and click the background_color_guidelines.png button to set a background color for the section. The color(s) that are set up as brand color will be available to choose from.

  13. (Optional) Add a table of contents to your page. The table of contents is automatically generated and indexes all the headings with the label Anchor link and Table of content s’ elements of your page.

    Click the hamburger_menu.png button in the title bar of the page and click Table of Contents. Decide whether you want to show the table of contents in the sidebar and/or on the top of the page by toggling the corresponding switches. You can also use the same heading text style to anchor sections of the page. This is particularly useful for long pages as it allows users to jump to a specific section of the page without having to scroll. Click the Save button to add the element to your page.

  14. (Optional) To preview your page toggle the Preview switch in the top right corner of the screen. Toggle again to go back to the editing mode.

  15. Click the Publish page button in the right top corner to publish your page.


    Create empty guides and widgets to build the structure of your guidelines. Your colleagues responsible for the content then only have to fill in the missing content and publish the page.

    Do you want to learn more about Brand Guidelines? Read more about creating and managing your content in the Learn more section below.

Learn more