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Brand Store

Brand Store module offers a central platform for ordering promotional materials. It works as a standard online shop, and you can select and add products to a shopping cart and proceed to checkout. If you use the Publishing on Demand module together with Brand Store, you can order the materials you have customized, or you can do customizations of your marketing materials before you purchase them.

Bynder can integrate with your current suppliers of the promotional materials through the API, or they can integrate with Bynder.


Make sure that you have the Brandstore access permission enabled to use Brand Store. If you are an administrator, you also need Brandstore admin view, Brandstore admin list, and Order admin list rights to have the full insight into Brand Store. If you want to be able to change the status of the order, you also need the Order admin edit right.

Brand Store admin tasks

  • As a Brand Store admin, you have insight into orders and can change their status. You can also download the asset for print orders.

  • If you have the Assign budget permission, you can assign budget to groups and individual users.

  • If you use POD templates, you can enable different output formats in which this template should be available in Brand Store.

User tasks

  • As a user you can order products from Brand Store, you can upload and print your own PDF files and, if you are using POD module, you can also customize templates and send them for printing.

  • View your order history under Yourusername > Order history. You can also download a PDF preview of the assets.