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Upload your own PDF to Brand Store

As an administrator, you might want to allow your users to upload their own PDF files so that they can order them through Brand Store later. For example, users can upload their own flier and order it instead of arranging everything by email.


Ask your Customer Success Manager to help you set it up.

When this feature has been set up for you, users can go to Brand store, open the product, upload their PDF and add it to cart. If they have uploaded a wrong file, they can click the Change button to select and upload a different PDF or click delete-icon.png to delete the uploaded file altogether.


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When the PDF has been uploaded, users follow the regular Brand store flow to complete their order. For example, they can Send orders for approval.

Upload your PDF

  1. Open to Brand store and click on the Upload your PDF product.

  2. Click Upload.

  3. Click Upload media in the pop-up to open to select a new file.

  4. Select your file. When uploading completes, the file displays in the pop-up.

  5. Select the file and click Add media.

Your file will now display as a product in Brand store. You can now select the quantity, add the product to cart and follow your regular order process.

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