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Set up your Brand Store

Before we can help you set up your Brand Store, you need to provide us with some information so that the Brand Store configuration reflects your needs and processes.

  • Tier pricing: specify any tier prices you have for products and whether or not a minimum or maximum quantity applies to any of the products.


    Make sure that the minimum quantity spcified here matches the minimum quantity specified in the Product tab.

  • Currencies: list the currencies you support.

  • Shipping address: specify if you want the shipping address to be based on the user profile, tied to a cost center or entered by user on checkout.

  • Billing address: specify if it should be the same as the shipping address.

  • Shipping: decide which shipping information you want to display to users. We can display estimated arrival date, shipping costs, tracking number, or any additional information related to shipping.

  • Categories: specify if you want your Brand Store articles orders in categories or subcategories. For example, you might order the products under merchandise and print.

  • Budget groups: we can create budget groups and add products to particular groups. At checkout, Brand Store users will see that a product they've selected belongs to a specific group.

    Groups can be useful, when users get a budget to spend on particular type of products, for example: Merchandise. Then, they can make sure, they've chosen the a product belonging to the correct budget group.

  • Product information: specify the details of your products such as width or height.

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