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Integrate Bynder with Tridion Sites

Would you like to add your Bynder assets to your Tridion Sites? Save yourself the time of uploading your assets twice and start using the the Tridion Sites integration. The integration allows you to use your Bynder assets directly in Tridion Sites. You can also search for your assets using keywords and navigate through the different result pages. The integration follows our API Rate Limiting policy.

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Before you install the plugin, you need to have the following things set up:

Supported versions

The following versions are supported:

  • Tridion Sites 2013 SP1

  • SDL Web 8.1/Tridion Sites Sites 8.1

  • SDL Web 8.5/Tridion Sites Sites 8.5

  • Tridion Sites Sites 9

  • Tridion Sites Sites 9.1

  • Tridion Sites Sites 9.5

Derivatives used

Currently, derivatives are not supported. Tridion Sites downloads the original files from Bynder.

Installation and configuration

Download the plugin here. Alternatively, you can download the plugin from the SDL appstore. Next, do the following in your SDL environment:

  1. Create a Stub folder named Bynder Provider in SDL under <Root Publication> (or the selected Publication in the BluePrint hierarchy)> Building Blocks > Default Templates > SDL External Content.

    For example: 000 Empty > Building Blocks > Default Templates > SDL External Content.

  2. Copy the folder's TCM URI (also known as Content Manager URI, see SDL documentation). You will need it later on.

  3. Create a directory called BynderProvider under C:\ProgramData\SDL\Tridion Sites\External Content Library\AddInPipeline\Addins\

  4. Copy the compiled DLLs to the directory from step 3. You can do it manually or using Visual Studio.

  5. Go to SDL Web home directory\SDL Web\config and open your ExternalContentLibrary.xml.

  6. In the ExternalContentLibrary.xml add the following code replacing all the variables in [] with values:

    <MountPoint type="BynderProvider" id="bynder" rootItemName="Bynder">
    			<StubFolder id="tcm:2-37-2" />
    		<EnvironmentUrl xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider"></EnvironmentUrl>
    		<ConsumerKey xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider">...</ConsumerKey>
    		<ConsumerSecret xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider">...</ConsumerSecret>
    		<TokenKey xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider">...</TokenKey>
    		<TokenSecret xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider">..</TokenSecret>
    		<AssetNotFoundPlaceholderId xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider">...</AssetNotFoundPlaceholderId>
    		<DisplayMetaPropertyFolders xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider">enabled</DisplayMetaPropertyFolders>
    		<HideEmptyMetaPropertyFolders xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider">disabled</HideEmptyMetaPropertyFolders>
    		<AdditionalMediaPropertiesToShow xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider">views,dateCreated</AdditionalMediaPropertiesToShow>
    	</MountPoint><MountPoint type="BynderProvider" id="bynder" rootItemName="Bynder Provider">
    	<StubFolder id="[STUB FOLDER TCM-URI]" />
    <PrivilegedUserName>[SDL ADMIN USER]</PrivilegedUserName>
    <EnvironmentUrl xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider">[YOUR ENVIRONMENT URL, for example:]</EnvironmentUrl>
    <ConsumerKey xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider">[BYNDER USER'S CONSUMER KEY]</ConsumerKey>
    <ConsumerSecret xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider">[BYNDER USER'S CONSUMER SECRET]</ConsumerSecret>
    <TokenKey xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider">[BYNDER USER'S TOKEN KEY]</TokenKey>
    <TokenSecret xmlns="ecl:BynderProvider">[BYNDER USER'S TOKEN SECRET]</TokenSecret>


    If you are unsure how to generate Bynder consumer secret and token, see Create API tokens for your app.

  7. Apply the filtering hotfix. Do the following:

    1. Go to %SDLWEB%\web\WebUI\Editors\ExternalContentLibrary\Extensions\Views

    2. Create a backup the SiteEditEditor.Library.js file that you find in this location.

    3. Copy the SiteEditEditor.Library.js file that is included in the plugin zip to %SDLWEB%\web\WebUI\Editors\ExternalContentLibrary\Extensions\Views

    4. Open up the %SDLWEB%\web\WebUI\WebRoot\Configuration\System.config file.

    5. In the attribute 'modification' in the <server> element increase the counter by one: <server version="" modification="21">

    The hotfix should be active immediately. If you have XPM open in a browser you need to refresh the current browser tab.

  8. Restart SDL services and verify that you can see the Bynder Provider folder and you can browse the assets in your environment through WebSDL.

Use the plugin

  • You can access your Bynder asset overview within Tridion assets by opening the Bynder Provider folder.

  • Use the Search box to search assets on keywords.

  • Click Toggle View to change to list view and filter the columns in your view.

  • When you use Bynder assets in SDL, we do not copy the asset but use its URL. In this way your CMS displays the latest version of the asset available in Bynder. To select an asset, open the Bynder Provider folder and select your asset.


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