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Integrate Shutterstock with Bynder

Do you have Shutterstock assets that you would like to store in Bynder? With the Shutterstock integration you can sync your licensed Shutterstock media with Bynder making sure all your assets are in one centralized place. Read more about the integration below.

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Tell me more about the Shutterstock integration

With the Shutterstock integration you can synchronize your Shutterstock assets so that they are automatically available in Bynder. The integration can directly push your Shutterstock media to the Asset Bank or send them to the Waiting Room where they will be pending approval.

The synchronization follows the normal upload process, which means the derivatives are automatically generated. The metadata fields available in Shutterstock can be mapped to specific Bynder metaproperties, so that your assets are automatically tagged with the right data. Alternatively, you can use the exif metadata that is copied over from Shutterstock to tag your assets. Read more about mapping exifdata here.

You can decide how frequently the integration syncs you Shutterstock assets with Bynder with a maximum of once per hour.

Supported versions

All Shutterstock versions are supported.

Supported derivatives

Depending on your derivative setup and the dimensions of the original file all derivatives will be generated. Read more about derivatives here.

How to install and configure the Shutterstock integration

  1. Send an email to to request the Shutterstock integration. A member of the Shutterstock Integrations team will respond with your Client ID and API Secret.

  2. Log into your Shutterstock account and visit the following URL when you're successfully logged in:

  3. Click Generate token and when prompted enter your credentials again.

  4. Send the following information to your Customer Success Manager:

    • API Key (Client ID)

    • Client Secret

    • Access Token

    • Shutterstock License Name

    • Whether you want the assets to be uploaded to the Waiting Room or directly to the Asset Bank.

How to use the plugin

When the plugin has been configured correctly, you will see the files you have bought from Shutterstock in your Waiting room or in the Asset Bank (depending on the requested configuration). The plugin works retroactively, so the images you have bought before the plugin was installed, will be copied over as well.

You can extend your search functionality in Bynder so that when the search in your brand portal does not give you any results, you can look further in Shutterstock. See Use the search bar to find assets

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