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Integrate with Adobe Experience Manager

Integrate your Bynder portal with Adobe Experience Manger so that you can seamlessly use Bynder images in AEM components. The plugin allows you search for the right asset using a number of parameters (such as asset type, tags, or component types) and when found, just drag and drop Bynder files onto components.

The plugin has been developed by Codeflair, a 3rd party company, who also provides the user support for the plugin. For details, see AEM plugin - details.


You need to pay for the plugin to use it.

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  • Supported versions

  • Derivatives used

  • Installation and configuration

  • Use the plugin

  • Limitations

Supported versions

We support AEM versions 6.2 and 6.3.

Derivatives used

The plugin supports pre-generated (static) and on-the-fly derivatives(dynamic). By default, pre-generated derivatives are used, however, to get better resolution, you can update a component to use on-the-fly ones.

You can also decide which pre-generated derivative you want to use by default.


The derivatives can be specified in the configuration object of the core bundle of the plugin.

Installation and configuration

  1. Contact your Bynder Customer Success Manager about the plugin.

  2. Use the Installation and implementation guide provided by Codeflair to integrate the plugin into your AEM components. See Bynder AEM Plugin Implementation Guide.pdf


    If you are not an API user, you only need to install the core bundle of the plugin.

Use the plugin

Use Bynder assets in AEM
  1. Open the side bar in AEM to load the menu.

  2. Click the Bynder icon to load the files.


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  3. Use the filters to search for the asset you want to use. You can search on asset type, tags, component type and keywords.

  4. Click on the tool icon on your image component, and drag and drop the selected Bynder image onto the image pop-up.

  5. Click the tick icon to confirm your selection.


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Change focus point

If you want to change the focus point on the Bynder assets that you used in AEM, log in to Bynder and chage the focus point on this asset. When you save your changes and refresh the image in AEM, the focus point will be updated.

For more information on focus point, see Set the focus point.


  • Versions do not get updated in AEM if a new version of an asset has been uploaded to Bynder.

  • Before deleting assets in Bynder, the assets must be removed from the AEM components. The AEM plugin currently cannot detect that assets have been deleted.

  • Metadata changes to Bynder assets are not automatically updated in EAM. These changes need to be published manually in AEM to allow better control for authors.

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