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Workfront Integration

Do you manage the creation and production of your marketing assets in Workfront and would like to have them available in Bynder as well? Save yourself the time of uploading your assets twice and seamlessly have your approved assets uploaded to Bynder along with relevant searchable metadata.

By using (3rd party middleware), Workfront—the online project management software tool—can now be integrated with Bynder. Assets can be uploaded to Bynder direct from the Workfront environment, allowing organizations to be much more efficient in managing content and help cut down on unnecessary manual work. works behind the scenes and is completely managed by Bynder, so it won’t be visible for end users and admins.

Tell me more about this integration

  • The integration can send your Workfront assets to Bynder based on an event trigger from a record in Workfront.

    By indicating the location in the fields of the Workfront object, the assets can be sent to the Bynder Asset Bank directly or to the Bynder Waiting Room.

    The trigger event types will be one of the following:

    • Create

    • Update

    All file formats that both Workfront and Bynder support can be transferred, which includes: ai, jpg, png, mp4, mov, doc, csv, epub, jpeg, mp3, pdf, ppt, pptx, tif and wmv

  • The integration can save standard and custom field data from Workfront objects or custom forms to the metadata of a Bynder asset. An object will be one of the following:

    • Projects

    • Tasks

    • Documents

  • The integration can also facilitate pushing data from Bynder back into your Workfront environment

  • The integration can be configured to your specific use case.

Use case

As a Workfront user, you requested the creation of marketing content using Workfront. Once the asset has been created, approved, and the job marked as complete, the asset and its associated metadata will be automatically ingested into Bynder.

How to implement the integration will coordinate integrating your Bynder environment with Workfront. Contact your Customer Success Manager or Onboarding Consultant for more information.

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