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Integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The integration allows you to use Bynder assets in Salesforce Commerce Cloud for content and products.


You need to be a Bynder customer to use the plugin. There is also a monthly fee for using the API.

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  • Supported versions

  • Derivatives used

  • Installation and configuration

  • Use the plugin

  • Limitations

How does the plugin work

The Bynder Salesforce integration involves the deployment of a generic cartridge. A new business manager module called Bynder is introduced to the Salesforce software. The new business manager module enables users to select assets from Bynder and copy them over to Salesforce. After the asset is available in SCC, it is treated as a first-class citizen and is not distinguishable from other Salesforce assets.

Supported versions

The plugin is available for Salesforce Commerce Cloud versions 16.8 and higher.

Derivatives used

You can only import asset originals.


  • Currently, the copied assets are not updated when they have changed in Bynder. They need to be manually re-imported to Salesforce.

  • Currently, only the import of images from Bynder to SCC is supported.

  • There is a known issue that users who log in with MFA might have problems logging in. The issue is being solved.

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