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Create custom triggers for metaproperties

When you upload and asset and you select a specific metaproperty value, you might want this value to trigger an action. For example, if you select the value Copyright from the options of the Terms of Use mataproperty, then the Watermark option will be automatically selected in the Advanced Rights. Alternatively, you can decide that selecting Copyright will pre-fill the Explanation Restrictions metaproperty with a specific text.


How to create custom triggers?

  1. Go to settings-icon.pngSettings > Taxonomy > Metaproperties management.

  2. Click settings-icon.png for the metaproperty that whose option should be the trigger for the action.

  3. In the options overview, click the link-icon.pngdependencies icon for the option that should trigger the action.


    The metaproperty needs to be of the Select or Select2 type for the dependencies icon to display.

  4. In the Custom triggers section, select the following:

    1. Choose trigger - decide if you want the action to happen when the metaproperty option is selected or deselected.

    2. Choose target - decide which other metaproperty option should be affected by the trigger.


      Only the options of the Text or Longtext metaproperty can be selected as targets.

    3. Choose action - decide what should happen to the affected metaproperty.

      • select - the affected option should be selected. This selection is available for the watermarkdownloadablearchive and limited options under Advanced rights.

      • deselect - the affected option should be deselected. This selection is available for the watermarkdownloadablearchive and limited options under Advanced rights.

      • prefill - the affected metaproperty option should display a text or date. Select one of the available metaproperty options and enter the text or date the option needs to be prefilled with in the text box that appears at the bottom.


        Use the month/day/year format when entering a date.

      • empty - the affected metaproperty option should be left empty and should not display a text. This selection is active for the TextLongtext and Date metaproperties. You can use this action, if, for example, all other options display a text, but this particular option should not.

  5. Select the plus icon to create the custom trigger.


Now, selecting the specified metaproperty will trigger an action. If you want to edit the trigger or the pre-filled text in the custom trigger, you need to delete the custom trigger and create a new one.

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