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Add Google Analytics to your portal

You can add Google Analytics to your Bynder account to monitor user activity. You can also use the statistics to learn, for example, how long your employees look at the employee handbook, if users use the landing page and utilize the content there, or what the Creative Workflow adoption rate is.

Google Analytics can be used side by side with Bynder Analytics to provide detailed user data. Click here for more information on Bynder Analytics.

  1. Create a Google Analytics Account and obtain the Google Analytics 4 property (GA4) or, if desired, a Universal Analytics property (UA code). To obtain the property, go to Admin > Property Settings and copy the GA4 code. Read more about setting up properties here.

  2. Provide your Customer Success Manager with the property and wait for confirmation that the tracking has been enabled.

  3. Go to the Google Analytics reporting page for your site and click the Real-Time overview to confirm the code is set up properly and you are receiving hits to the site.

It might take up to 48 hours to see the data.


When you add new people to the Google Analytics account, they have to import their own dashboards to see the data.

What's next

Learn how to add tracking features to get the most of integrating GA and Bynder. See Use Google Analytics .

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