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Cookie Consent Notification

Bynder uses cookies within the Brand Portal. We use cookies to store user language and create a session within Bynder for each user. Additionally, we use cookies to track which users don’t want to display maintenance messages anymore after reading them. We do not track users with cookies.

The cookie notification banner is shown at the bottom of the portal the first time users visit the portal. When users accept the cookie policy, the message will no longer be shown. When users clear their cookies, user a different browser or a fresh browser session the cookie notification will be shown again.


Example of cookie consent notification - Click to enlarge

How to Enable the Cookie Consent Notification?

The cookie consent notification contains an introduction message, an Accept cookies button and a Show more information button. The introduction message introduces the cookie policy and in the Show more information section you can elaborate on your cookie consent by displaying the full policy.

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to have a cookie consent notification enabled for your portal and provide them with the introduction message and your full cookie policy. Your Customer Success Manager will be happy to further assist you in setting this up.

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