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Create a HAR file

It might happen that the Support team might ask you for a HAR file to better investigate the cause of the issue.

If are using the Google Chrome browser, you can record these files by following the steps below. For other browsers, see: Generate HAR files.

  1. Open up Chrome, and head to the page where you see the issue occurring.

  2. Right-click anywhere on that page and right-click to display the Inspect Element option.

  3. The Developer Tools will open as a panel at the bottom of the page. Click the Network tab.

  4. Click the record button, which is the black circle under the Network tab to start recording activity in your browser. If the record button gets automatically enabled it will already be red.

  5. Select Preserve Log to prevent the log from being refreshed.

  6. Refresh the page and start working normally until you run into the issue again.

  7. After you have captured the issue, simply right-click within the Network tab and click Save as HAR with Content to save a copy of the activity that you have recorded.

  8. Save the file and send it to the Support team.

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