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Restore Deleted Files and Metaproperties

Did you (accidentally) delete assets, metaproperties or metaproperty options in the last 30 days that you need to recover? No worries, follow the instructions below and your items will be back in no time.

How to Restore Deleted Files and Metaproperties?

  1. Go

  2. Click Assets, Metaproperties or Metaproperty options depending on what you want to restore. You can also filter the removed material by user. Open the Removed by dropdown and select the user for which you want to see the removed items.


    If an account has multiple portals, you need to open the Trash page for every portal separately to see deleted files.

  3. Click the restore_trash.png button next to an item to restore it or select multiple items and click Restore selected to restore them.

The files are restored to the asset bank or the waiting room with all the linked metadata, permissions, additional files, and derivatives. They also re-appear in search results. If restored files were a part of a collection before they got deleted, they display in this collection again.

Metaproperties and options go back to the state they were in before they were deleted. That means that all the related permission settings, language labels and metaproperty images are restored. Restoring the deleted options of other deleted metaproperty options does not bring back the main metaproperties.


  • You cannot restore the triggers and metaproperty dependencies that were set up for metaproperty options.

  • You cannot restore files deleted from Creative Workflow nor Creative Workflow metaproperties.

  • Files deleted more than 30 days ago cannot be restored.

How to Restore Creative Workflow Assets and Metaproperties?

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you need to restore Creative Workflow assets or Creative Workflow metaproperties that have been removed. They can help you check if the deleted items can still be restored.

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