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Deactivate users

When there are users in your system that no longer need access, you might need to deactivate them. Deactivating users frees the seats that you can later grant to new users who request access to the system. This is important because there is a limit to the number of seats you have available. If you go over the limit, you will be charged extra.

The exact number of seats per user profile that you have at your disposal is specified in your contract.


You can have a notification set up that displays when you have reached the maximum number of seats per user profile. Contact you Customer Success Manager about implementing it.

How to Deactivate a User Account?

  1. Go to Settings > Users & rights > User Management.

  2. In the Edit column, click the edit icon for the user you want to deactivate.

  3. On the Edit user page, clear the Active checkbox.

  4. Save your changes.


The deactivated user displays the deactivate-icon.png icon next to the user name.


If you deactivate a user, you can only activate this user again after a period of 180 days. If you want to activate this user sooner, you need to contact your Customer Success Manager.

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