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Manage access requests

The registration form on the login page of your portal allows users to request for an account with your portal. The form can be customized, so that you can receive all the user information you need in order to approve the requests.

Find out below how you can enable the registration form and how you can manage access requests.


The request form can help you to centralize the access requests and provide you with the user information you need to determine whether the requests should be approved.

Users send their requests using the registration form on the login page. The requests are sent for approval to a selected approver and users will receive a confirmation email that their request has been submitted.

You can choose to whitelist certain email domains, such as the domain of your organization or trustworthy partners you frequently work with. When a user submits a request with a whitelisted domain the account will be created automatically.

When the request is whitelisted or approved, a user account will be created automatically. To make sure that the users have access to the entered email address, they will receive an email with a link to finalize the account by setting up their password.

The registration form offers multiple flows allowing users to choose from different account types each requesting different information and mapped onto a specific permission profile. You can for example set up an external account type mapped to a light profile, which can only view assets, whereas an internal account type is mapped to a permission profile with upload and download rights.

To make the access management flexible, you can decide if the approver should be a specific email account, user, user group or permission profile.

The registration form can be customized in terms of the required personal details, account type or mapping the new user onto a user group. The information the user provides, is displayed to the auditor as well as in the User information column on the User Access Requests page.

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to have this feature enabled for your portal. Together you can discuss whitelisting and which account types, fields and/or approvers need to be set up.

Do you want to reduce the workload of your portal administrators? You can make use of a contact person field in the registration form. Users requesting access can then fill in the email address of their contact person within your organization. If the contact persons have an account in your portal they can audit the request.


Be aware of any security risks. If an external user enters a light user as a contact person to receive access to the portal, then this light user will be able to give that user access to the portal.

As an admin you can monitor the requests from users who do not yet have access to the brand portal by following the steps below.

  1. Go to settings_menu.pngSettings > Users & rights > User Access Requests. Use the search bar and the available filters to find the request you want to audit.

  2. Click the access request to audit it.

  3. Check the user information carefully to decide whether the user should have access to the portal or not.

  4. Click the Activate user button if you want to approve the request or click the Reject button if you don't want to grant access.

The user will receive an email with a link to set up a password for their account.