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Access to Guide Groups - Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines Enterprise Plan users now have control over who has access rights to view or edit their guide groups.

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New Design Modal - Video Brand Studio

Introducing a better user experience in our Design Modal.  Marketers and Designers have different models now tailored to their needs.

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Better Trim Modal - Video Brand Studio

We’ve improved the trim modal in our Video Brand Studio by adding zoom controls to simplify setting the start and end point of your clip. Next to that, you can also set start and end points via numeric fields.

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Improvements on the Job Overview Page -Creative Workflow

We have made performance improvements of the loading time of our Job Overview Page which results in better UX. 

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Faster Download Service -DAM

We’ve reworked some of our download functionality. The main benefit of it is that it provides streaming download functionality, which means a faster download experience, especially visible when downloading  large amounts of assets or when doing bulk download tasks. 

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Adding Spanish Mexican Language -DAM

Our LATAM users can now switch their language in DAM and Brand Guidelines to Spanish Mexican.

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New View Options in the Asset Overview Page -DAM

We are introducing a new functionality called Flexible Asset Thumbnails in the Grid View of the Asset Overview Page. The new functionality allows users to zoom in and out on the asset thumbnails adjusting the size from S to XXL.

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Instant Spotlight Search Results -DAM

As part of our series of spotlight search improvements, users will now immediately see the search results appearing after hitting enter.

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Platform Improvements - Dynamic Asset Transformations

We’ve added a number of new improvements to DAT that our customers will be happy with. Now we support AVIF output, we increased the maximum size to 5000px of the derivatives, there is an option for public visibility for assets, compatibility with Mass Uploader, and finally we’ve made some improvements of the UX of DAT. 

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Universal Compact View (UCV) Improvements - Integrations

We continue to improve our UCV UI. With the new improvement users can see more of the metaproperties of the assets while using the compact view.  

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SDK Improvements - Integrations

We have made integration with Bynder even easier. We have added functionality to our SDKs. Now developers can easily append information like limited usage, tags, and creation and modification date.   

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New Integration with Highspot - Integrations

We continue to work with our partner community to offer new possible integration points across the ecosystem,  this cycle we are including Highspot, for sales enablement. 

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Sort assets based on view - DAM

Now users can easily sort assets based on the number of views. The most or least viewed assets will appear on the top of the asset overview page. 

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Microsoft Dynamics - Integrations

Connecting Bynder to the Dynamics marketing email engine enables marketers to ensure all assets used in campaigns are up-to-date and brand-approved.

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Improvements to autocomplete in Smartfilter search - DAM

We have made some improvements to Smartfilter searching. These include support for partial search queries, multiple partial search queries,  and special characters in order to speed up the return of search results—and create a better searching experience. 

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Enhancements in design and a new Enterprise plan - Brand Guidelines

We’ve improved the customer experience by adding new features to Brand Guidelines. There are now three plans - Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise.

For the Basic and Advanced plans, the changes include: 

  • Introduction of 1 theme set or all guides with more advanced styling options, to better convey your brand within your guides

The Enterprise plan includes:

  • Unlimited guides and pages, for extended use and flexibility

  • Guide grouping to group related topics or brands together

  • As many custom theme sets as desired to represent each of your brands visually

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Multiple text styles in one text box - Digital Brand Templates

Users are now able to use multiple text styles within one text box in a template making it faster and easier to customize creations.

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Bulk actions in a job - Creative Workflow

Select and perform actions across multiple assets from within a job—including approve, reject, and delete—for faster workflows.

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GraphCMS Extension - Integrations

The Bynder GraphCMS UI extension lets you find and use your Bynder digital assets (images, videos, and documents) directly from within GraphCMS—saving editors' valuable time and ensuring brand consistency across all content.

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Mobius Labs SDK - Integrations

Mobius Labs’ tagging provides a complex selection of descriptive and conceptual tags providing quick and precise search results and keywords. Mobius Labs’ SDK allows you to create different concepts around your brand while analysis of assets helps to generate the right visuals for your target audience. By utilizing Bynder images and videos with Mobius Labs, finding the most impactful assets for your needs has never been easier. 

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Nine new languages in DAM; thirteen in Brand Guidelines - DAM

Users now have the option to adjust their default language in DAM and Brand Guidelines (navigation, menus). Options include: Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, and Polish. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you would like one or more languages made available in your portal.  

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Unified header - DAM

We’re rolling out the DAM header bar within the Digital Brand Templates and Brand Guidelines modules in order to deliver a more consistent user experience across the entire platform. 

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Recent searches - DAM

Users are now provided with a list of their recent searches when clicking the search bar, making it easier to repeat past searches and find what you need fast.

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New transformations - Dynamic Asset Transformations (DAT)

With Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT), you’re able to automatically transform and optimize content to support your digital experiences, and we’ve just added a few new tricks to it:

  • Adjust: Saturation, Temperature, Highlights/Shadows, Sharpness

  • Overlay: Color - add a single color on top of an image and adjust opacity; Text - with adjustable size, color, and placement; Image - overlay with an image available in the DAM

  • Filters: Vignette - add a vignette effect to images

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Google Analytics improvements - Integrations

We have added support for Google Analytics 4 and Google GTAG for faster and easier installation, improved tracking, reduced loading times, future-proofing conversion measurement, and codeless tag management.

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Canva extension - Integrations

Available through Canva’s App Marketplace, easily navigate through your Bynder Collections and add the assets you want into your designs in Canva. 

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EMRAYS integration - Integrations

EMRAYS is a customizable AI solution that can complement Bynder’s DAM with functionality like ranking of images by social impact (with attributes like positivity, wow, fun), comparing images across the asset library by similarity, and robust duplicate search. 

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More Intuitive Search - DAM

With a new “Search Help” option available directly within the search dropdown menu, users can find search tips to easily navigate searching within Bynder and find exactly what they need when they need it.  

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New Transformations - DAT

With Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT), you’re able to automatically transform and optimize content to support your digital experiences, and we’ve just added a few new tricks to it: 

  • New Filters: Opacity, Sepia, Contrast, Brightness, Grayscale, Blur

  • Overlay Box: Cover entire image with an overlay and adjust color and opacity

  • Image Border: Add a solid color border and adjust border width. 

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Upload Direct from Desktop - Brand Guidelines

You’re now able to upload straight from your desktop onto the guidelines page, without files getting published into the DAM.

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Android Native Sharing - Mobile

Enjoy a more consolidated and easier sharing experience by sharing to other platforms without leaving the app and sharing directly from the asset detail view and asset screen.

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Image Layer Blend Modes- Digital Brand Templates

To support more creativity and flexibility with template designs, we now support blend modes including multiply, overlay, soft light, and hard light for Photoshop and Sketch. 

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Episerver Connector Enhancements - Integrations

Enhancements include a simpler implementation of Bynder’s Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) with a script to automate SQL migration. Additional enhancements include OAuth 2.0 authentication.

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Drupal Connector Enhancements - Integrations

Enhancements include support for responsive images, functionality to support Drupal media translations for SEO purposes, and a simpler implementation of Bynder’s Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) with the ability to set DAT parameters from within Drupal settings.

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New: eGo CMS Connector by Tobania - Integrations

Connect Bynder with the eGo CMS to use Bynder assets across web experiences managed in eGo, ensuring the latest asset version is always displayed. 

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New Transformations - DAT

With Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT), you’re able to automatically transform and optimize content to support your digital experiences, and we’ve just added a few new tricks to it: 

  • Work more flexibly with your website layouts and styles by cropping images into circular shapes and adding your desired background color

  • Turn transparent backgrounds of your product images into solid color backgrounds

  • Upside down images? Edit on the fly and have them automatically rotated

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Out of Office - Creative Workflow

Handover projects when you’re out of office so that deadlines are still met and projects launch smoothly.

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Select and Use Assets Directly from Bynder’s DAM - Video Brand Studio

As we continue to create a deeper connection between the Bynder DAM and Video Brand Studio, users can now search for, select, and use video, image, and audio assets direct from the DAM in video creations. 

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Volume Control in Instant Preview - Video Brand Studio

Use a slider from within Instant Preview to control audio levels or mute while previewing. Settings are saved across the existing session. 

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The Ultimate Mobile Filter Experience - Mobile

You're now able to apply the same filter experience you use when working on your computer for your smartphone too. Smartfilters, "Advanced" filter options, and UI improvements have all been added on Android and iOS.

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Save ‘Created by Me’ Filter View - Digital Brand Templates

When viewing Documents or Tasks, you can now save your view to only see what you have created, making it easier to focus on your work, without getting distracted by the work of others. Settings are saved across the existing session.

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Adobe Commerce (Magento) - Integrations

Adobe Commerce helps brands create engaging, shoppable experiences. Connecting Bynder to Adobe Commerce enables the use of brand-approved product and web assets across all e-commerce experiences. 

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Kentico Xperience - Integrations

Kentico Xperience is a fully integrated digital experience platform (DXP) combining content management, digital marketing, and commerce. Connecting Bynder to Kentico Xperience enables quick access to digital assets from Bynder directly within Kentico Xperience.

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Workato iPaaS - Integrations

Workato, a leading Integration and Automation Platform platform, helps people get work done faster by connecting applications, databases, and systems. The Bynder connector for Workato enables automation of workflows between Bynder and a multitude of tools within the Workato ecosystem.  

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TINT - Integrations

TINT helps marketers gain and manage the legal rights to user-generated content (UGC), and then distribute that content across marketing channels. Having Bynder as the central library for user-generated content ensures content is always available for distribution, easy to find, consistently on-brand, and pre-approved for use.

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New Navigation - Creative Workflow

Enjoy a more consistent UX across the Bynder platform. We're now rolling out the familiar sidebar experience into Creative Workflow.

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Guide Grouping - Brand Guidelines

When managing multiple brands, regions, or departments, you’re now able to group their guides accordingly for a clearer overview. This improvement marks the first step towards multi-brand portals, so stay tuned for more.

Contact your CSM to learn more.

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Moving Chapters - Brand Guidelines

Editing chapters within a guide is now as easy as ordering pages. Enjoy a seamless editing experience with Brand Guidelines.

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Text Styles: Font Options - Digital Brand Templates

Admins can now configure text elements and allow users to choose from a list of font options, making  localization easier while customizing creations.

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Personal Uploads - Digital Brand Templates

For added flexibility and customization, admins can now grant users permission to upload assets from their computer in addition to using assets stored in Bynder.

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By integrating the automatic tagging tool with Bynder, fashion retailers can generate rich, accurate fashion tags for better product discovery and replace manual and time-consuming tagging with artificial intelligence.

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Dynamic Asset Transformation - DAM

Optimize your website performance and increase engagement to deliver the best possible digital experience to your website visitors by leveraging Dynamic Asset Transformations (DAT). 

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Image Masks - Digital Brand Templates

Admins can set masks on a template within the template editor, enabling transparent images to be used as masks where images can be moved and scaled within that mask.

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Unlink Layers - Digital Brand Templates

Admins can link or unlink layers for templates within the template editor.

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Instant Preview: Batch Scenes - Video Brand Studio

End users can preview each scene in real-time while creating videos in batch.

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GIF Support - Video Brand Studio

Videos can be exported to GIF format. Multiple presets are available that are optimized for loop or no loop and different color depths.

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Image Hyperlink - Brand Guidelines

To provide an even more visual experience to your users, you are now able to add a link behind images embedded into a guidelines page.

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Bullet Points Uniformization - Brand Guidelines

Another step towards an even cleaner guidelines page design by aligning bullet points styling to text styling on the guidelines page. 

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Update Taxonomy via the API - API

You are now able to add and remove metaproperty options in two separate API calls which results in better performance when making changes to your taxonomy via the API. This is especially useful when syncing your DAM with adjacent technology like a PIM where product info gets synchronized regularly. 

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New Stibo Systems Connector - Integrations

Having full control over your product information is crucial for creating engaging digital experiences for customers across all channels. Streamline your product enrichment process by matching assets and metadata from Bynder to the right products in Stibo and sending product information from Stibo back to Bynder. 

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Adobe CC Connector Enhancement - Integrations

Creatives can now sort search results based on the asset’s filename when using Bynder’s Adobe Creative Cloud Connector, making it easier and faster to find the assets they’re looking for. Update to the latest version to take advantage of this and previous updates.

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SDL Tridion Connector Enhancement - Integrations

The connector now supports video and documents, enhancing the types of files that can be used within SDL across digital channels. Update to the latest version to take advantage of this and previous updates.  

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Search Improvements - Digital Asset Management

In order to provide our customers with an even better, faster and smarter search experience, we have taken the first steps to modernize our search infrastructure. Algorithms divide customer portals automatically in partitions for scalability, and faster, more reliable search results. This is building a strong foundation for additional improvements that will be presented in upcoming roadmap webinars.

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Show and Hide Layers - Digital Brand Templates

When set up by admins, users can now show and hide layers within a template, enabling more flexibility with template designs, reducing the number of similar templates needed.

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Instant Preview - Video Brand Studio

Speed up the design process by previewing any changes made instantly in real-time in the editor, on-demand, or during batch creation.

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Excel Support - Video Brand Studio

Use native Excel files for batch video creation, enabling the use of special characters, line breaks and more.

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Custom Export Formats - Video Brand Studio

Set up custom export formats  to ensure you have the right output and file type for the right channel and reduce the need for manual processing of final videos.

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Trello Connector - Integrations

With the Bynder and Trello integration, users have the ability to attach assets directly from Bynder into Trello cards, streamlining task management.

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Upload Enrichment for iOS and Android - Mobile

Users with “upload assets” permission can upload directly to DAM or Waiting Room and enrich assets with a title and a description as well as add to a new or existing collection.

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Support Form Updates - Support

Admins will now see a link to the Knowledge Base directly on the support form within Bynder for easy access to articles and information. Admins can also request customizations to the support form for different permission profiles like labels, direct contacts and links to the Knowledge Base. Please contact your CSM for customization requests. 

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Linked Images and Text in Template Sets - Digital Brand Templates

Create batches of assets for social media, banners, and ads for all your channels more quickly than ever before. On top of previously released features for Template Sets–like linked backgrounds and settings–admins can now link images and text across sets of templates, so marketers can make changes once and instantly see them across all variations. 

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Delete Campaigns - Digital Brand Templates

Admins are now able to delete campaigns to help keep your working area tidy and relevant, and of course to cover up any campaigns created accidentally. 

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Delete Campaigns - Video Brand Studio

Admins are now able to delete campaigns to help keep your working area tidy and relevant, and of course to cover up any campaigns created accidentally. 

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Send to Waiting Room - Video Brand Studio

Videos created can now be configured to be sent to the Waiting Room (up to 50 at one time) to await tagging and approval before being stored in the asset bank. 

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Table of Contents - Brand Guidelines

To make pages easier to navigate, editors can now include a table of contents to enable users to jump to sections within the page.

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Collapsible Chapters and Pages - Brand Guidelines

To clean up the sidebar navigation, guide users can expand and collapse chapters and pages. 

Read more about chapters here and pages here

Guide Access Improvements - Brand Guidelines

Guide access can be configured per guide allowing you to enable editors and viewers for each guide.

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Upload Files from Desktop [BETA] - Brand Guidelines

Editors can upload assets from their desktop into the Media Widget. If you would like to try this feature out, please contact your CSM. 

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NEW: SAP Commerce Cloud - Integrations

Connect Bynder to SAP Commerce Cloud’s Backoffice and SmartEdit to use your brand-approved product and web assets in e-commerce experiences.  

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Share Multiple Assets (Android) - Mobile

Users can now share multiple assets at one time through the Android mobile app.

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Collections Improvements (Android) - Mobile

Users can now add multiple assets to a collection, easily share collections, and delete collections directly from the Android mobile app.

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User Access Request Builder - DAM

To make the admin experience in Bynder more self service, admins can now build out user access request forms without requiring help from Bynder. Contact your CSM for more details. 

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Linked Layers: Linked Settings - Digital Brand Templates

When a template admin adjusts the settings on one artboard in a template set, the settings will be automatically applied to all layers with the same name across all artboards in the set. This applies to locking, enabled font colors, image sources, and text auto-shrink settings. For example, if you lock a logo in one artboard, it will lock all logos for the other artboards in the set.

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Duplicate Documents - Digital Brand Templates

To make localization or creating new versions for testing easier, you can now duplicate an existing document from the overview or editor and make edits, instead of having to create it from scratch from a template. 

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Duplicate Sections Within Pages - Brand Guidelines

Don’t want to recreate a section that only needs minor changes? Now you can duplicate any section within a page to accelerate guide creation.

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Add Background Colors to Sections - Brand Guidelines

Customize your pages even further by adding background colors to sections within guideline pages.

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Permissions Management Improvements - Brand Guidelines

We’ve updated the descriptions and names for permissions within the Brand Guidelines module to make them easier to use. 

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Improved XML Support - Video Brand Studio

Transferring your projects from Adobe Premiere is now easier than ever. We will automatically reconnect your assets and match your text elements with the correct font settings.

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New Animation Curve - Video Brand Studio

We’ve added a new animation curve that allows you to create even smoother animations!

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Toggle Motion Blur - Video Brand Studio

You can now control if you want to use motion blur with your animations or not which will allow you to speed up rendering and recreate effects to be even more precise.

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Support for Adobe CC 2021 and Overall Improvements - Integrations

We now support the recently released Adobe Creative Cloud 2021! Plus, we’ve released some improvements to the way links are managed for InDesign: uploading assets (one or many) to Bynder from InDesign and relinking assets (one or many) to Bynder from InDesign to ensure assets always stay up to date.

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Support for Drupal 9 and Video Support - Integrations

We now support Drupal 9 and videos files within the Drupal connector.

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Self-service Waiting Room filter configuration - DAM

Are you approving content of a specific type, country or brand? Apply any filter in the Waiting Room to approve with ease. Set your default filter to make approvals even smoother.

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Asset change history - DAM

Who’s changed the meta-information on all those files? No more asking around—just check the asset change history.

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Linked Layers: Background colors - Digital Brand Templates

Choose your background color and apply it across an entire artboard with just one click and get your content to market faster.

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Google Analytics enablement - Brand Guidelines

What guidelines pages are viewed the most? And by how many users? Get insights into Brand Guidelines usage with Google Analytics.

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Add custom name field to brand colours - Brand Guidelines

Maintaining multiple brand guidelines? Make sure you stick to your custom brand names across all guidelines.

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Tile and Text widget unification - Brand Guidelines

Adding text to the guidelines pages just got easier. One page, one style, no more errors.

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Spacing divider - Brand Guidelines

Get your guidelines even more structured by adding spacing dividers in between content blocks.

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Web application firewall - Security

Your data's security is always priority number one. As part of our commitment in maintaining the highest security standards for our users, we will implement a web application firewall (WAF). Having a WAF in place means that using Bynder is now more secure than ever. Put simply, a WAF monitors, filters, and blocks data packets as they travel to and from your web application or API.

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Export to Brightcove - Video Brand Studio

Publish your videos faster by directly exporting them from Video Brand Studio to Brightcove. 

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Export to Facebook - Video Brand Studio

Publish your videos faster by directly exporting them from Video Brand Studio to Facebook.

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Default crop mode for video assets - Video Brand Studio

Working on multiple video formats? Your starting screen will now always be covering the full canvas, saving you some manual work. 

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Add assets at playhead on timeline - Video Brand Studio

Select and add text, image, or video elements to your video production with ease and drop them exactly where they should go on the timeline.

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Magnolia CMS Connector - Integrations

Connect Bynder with the headless CMS Magnolia to manage your Bynder assets from within the Magnolia UI. 

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CI Hub Connector - Integrations

Connect Bynder with CI Hub and add files directly from the DAM when working with Microsoft or Adobe products. 

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New Permissions Profile Management - DAM

By cleaning up the interface and creating more clear names and descriptions for each option, permissions profile management in Bynder is now more intuitive for admins to configure profiles, assign permissions, and see what each profile has the ability to do. This update will be rolled out to our customers in phases between August 19, 2020 and September 7th, 2020. 

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Asset Permissions Checker- DAM

“Why don’t I see that!?” If you use metaproperty options to determine what users or groups have access to assets, you can now view those permissions on the asset detail view. This helps to diagnose why certain users or groups have access or not. 

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Improved Look and Feel - Theming

Our new default theme is more flexible and future proof than ever. No matter what features, modules or header images are added, or which screen size your users have, it’ll always deliver a consistent user experience.

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Improved Export from Overview Experience - Digital Brand Templates

Users on Advanced Digital Brand Templates can now pick and choose which artboards to download, send to the asset bank, or alternatively send to the Waiting Room, individually or in groups—direct from the document overview. 

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Spell Checker - Digital Brand Templates

No more pesky spelling mistakes on your content! Do a quick spell check directly in Digital Brand Templates before you export your document or send for approval. 

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Guide Overview List Mode - Brand Guidelines

You can now view all of your guides in a tile view or list view to easily scan and find the guide you are looking for. Additionally, information like the creation date of the guide is also displayed in the list view.  

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Additional Layout Options for Columns - Brand Guidelines

For easy customization, there are now three new section layout options available including one with three symmetrical columns, as well as distributing the two column layouts asymmetrically in a 30/70 ratio or a 70/30 ratio. These expand the previously existing single column and double column layouts.

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Hyperlink to Email Address - Brand Guidelines

Hyperlink email addresses within your guides so users can click and directly open up an email to the address listed. Simply click to add a link in the text widget, type “mailto:” and then the email address you would like to link to.

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Asset Preview for Embedded Assets - Brand Guidelines

For assets embedded on a page, viewers can now click to enlarge, with options to view the full asset detail in the DAM (if they are a user) or download the embedded image if available. 

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Custom Job Overview in General Availability - Creative Workflow

View and configure the Job Overview by using custom campaign and job metaproperties as columns and filters. You can also add quick notes directly from the overview. Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature.

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Upload Multiple Assets (iOS and Android) - Mobile

To be more efficient when working on the go, users can now upload multiple assets at once to the DAM through the iOS and Android mobile apps. 

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Optional Configuration to Skip Waiting Room (iOS and Android) - Mobile

For quicker access, admins and those with the right permissions are now able to configure uploads to skip the Waiting Room and go straight into the asset bank. 

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Upload Video Assets (iOS) - Mobile

To quickly start utilizing videos created on your mobile device, users can now upload video assets into the DAM through the iOS mobile app.

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Download and Share Assets (Android) - Mobile

Users can now download and share assets on the go both individually or through collections via the Android mobile app. 

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Drupal 8 Enhancements - Integrations

We have made some enhancements to our Drupal 8 connector to make the integration more powerful. They include support for documents, the option to import assets into Drupal to utilize native functionality or use CDN links, and automatic updates to synced assets and metadata.

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Getty Integration - Integrations

Automatically sync your Getty purchased stock to Bynder by sending it to the Waiting Room for approval before storing in the asset bank.

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Shutterstock Integration - Integrations

Automatically sync your Shutterstock purchased stock to Bynder by sending it to the Waiting Room for approval before storing in the asset bank.

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Batch Exports - for Advanced Digital Brand Templates Only

In the last update, we released the ability to edit multiple artboards within one editor for our Advanced Digital Brand Templates users. Now, you’ll be able to pick and choose the artboards you want to download, send to the asset bank, or send to the waiting room individually or in groups. They can also be exported as zipped files!

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Other Enhancements and Features - Digital Brand Templates

We also released a few other features to make working with Digital Brand Templates even better - rename artboards and upload images from your computer for campaign cover images.

Annotation Improvements - Creative Workflow

To make reviewing assets in workflow more powerful, now you can tag users in annotations, view annotations sorted by page, and resolve annotations.

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Featured Guides - Brand Guidelines

Now in the guide overview, guide managers can select guides to feature so they show up on the top of the screen when users view all guides available to them.

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Color Widget Enhancements - Brand Guidelines

Guide editors can now add more custom color values to the color palette widget as well as edit HEX, RGB, and CMYK values.

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Improved Searchability - Brand Guidelines

Search for guides by chapter and page titles in the Bynder search bar, making your guides and pages easier for users to find.

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Collection Widget Display - Brand Guidelines

When embedding collections on a guide’s page, choose between showing 4, 8, 16, 32, or 48 of the assets within that collection, directly on the page in the guide.

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Add and Move Sections - Brand Guidelines

For added customization and flexibility, editors are now able to add sections between sections and move sections within the guide.

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Additional Font Styles - Brand Guidelines

To better represent your brand, editors can select more font styles in their font family (e.g. regular, bold, semi-bold, light).

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Collection Overview Enhancements

Share and manage collections from the Collections Overview with streamlined “Action” menus that are only visible when you own the collection or have “Manage” permissions for that collection.

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Collections Search (iOS) - Mobile

In this release, you can now find collections in the iOS mobile app faster and easier by using the Bynder search bar directly within the app.

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Episerver Enhancements

Our Episerver integration now supports our latest and greatest Compact View and Asset Tracker, enabling you to track when assets are being used in Episerver, right from Bynder.

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New Salsify Integration

Salsify’s experience management platform (PXM) combines the power of PIM, commerce, and actionable insights to orchestrate compelling product experiences through every digital touchpoint. Streamline your product enrichment process by uploading your images to Bynder and have them automatically matched to the right products in Salsify.

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New Stackla Integration

Stackla helps brands discover, manage, publish, and optimize authentic user-generated content (UGC) across all marketing channels—from ads and websites to email and social. This integration allows users to send user-generated content captured via the Stackla platform directly into Bynder.

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New Creative Force Integration

Creative Force is a real-time tracking and workflow system for photo studios, covering an entire end-to-end workflow from sample check-in, photography, internal and external post-production, all the way to final asset delivery. With this integration, assets and associated metadata can be uploaded automatically to Bynder from Creative Force, establishing a central source of truth for marketing assets.

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General Portal Notifications - DAM

Do you have an announcement to make or would you like to advice your users on something? Notify all your users or a subset of your users with our General Portal Notification feature, which allows you to post a message on the login page of the portal. Read more about it here.

Collection Sharing in General Availability - DAM

Share and manage collections more easily with additional sharing options and clearer visibility into what collections have been shared, with who, what permissions they have within the collection, and for how long they have access. Read more about it here.

Multi-Artboard Editor - Digital Brand Templates

You can now edit your multi-artboard Digital Brand Templates in one overview screen. End users can also create the documents in one overview screen. Read more about the multi-artboard editor here.


This feature is only available for Advanced Digital Brand Templates.

Custom Job Overview (beta) - Creative Workflow

Does the default job overview screen not fit your use case optimally? You can now create your own custom job overview screen with custom filters and columns so that your users can easily find the job they're looking for. Read more about it here.

Form Field Validation - Creative Workflow

Workflow Admins can now set minimum and maximum character requirements on text fields and minimum and maximum number of selections on multi-select fields within Workflow forms. Read more about it here.

Create Multiple Jobs from One Form - Creative Workflow

As a new option in the Workflow job creation pop-up, users can now check a box to create an additional job. Once they hit the create button, they can make changes to the fields they filled out and create the additional job without having to fill out all the fields again. Read more about it here.

Page Header Customization - Digital Brand Guidelines

You can now customize this header of your Digital Brand Guideline pages according to your liking by changing the background color, applying a background image as well as changing the font color. Read more about it here.

Collection Filtering Enhancements for iOS and Filtering Enhancements for Android - Mobile

Find collections more easily on the iOS mobile app by filtering on “my collections”, “all collections”, and “published online” and then sorting by “name” and “date”.

On Android you can now find assets more easily in the asset bank with advanced filtering options using the metaproperties from your taxonomy and improvements to the user experience.

Read more about it here.

Contentstack - Integrations

Contentstack is an API-first, headless CMS that enables businesses to create, manage, and distribute content across all digital properties. With this integration, you can use your Bynder-stored images directly in Contentstack, saving time searching for assets and ensuring the most up-to-date assets are always displayed. Read more about it here.

Sportsdigita - Integrations

Digideck is a dynamic platform for creating powerful custom sales and marketing presentations for sports organizations and enterprises. With this integration, developed by Sportsdigita, users can access all of their image files from within Bynder without ever having to leave the Digideck platform. Read more about it here.

Metadata Presets Sharing

Metadata presets save time and reduce mistakes during the upload process. You can now create presets and then share them with other users. Read more about it here.

Personal Uploads - Digital Brand Templates

Users no longer need to use assets from the asset bank in their Digital Brand Template documents. They can now upload their own images. Read more about setting up personal uploads for your Digital Brand Templates here.

Mandatory Tasks and Uploads by Stage - Creative Workflow

You can now make sure a task is completed or the right file is updated before moving on to the next stage. Read more about mandatory tasks here and mandatory asset uploads here.

Custom Fonts - Brand Guidelines

Align your Brand Guidelines with your brand identity and use your own fonts inside Brand Guidelines, which includes titles, text areas, collections, and table copy. Read more about it here.

New Audio and Table Widgets - Brand Guidelines

You can now add audio and tables to your Brand Guideline pages. Read more about the audio widget here and read more about the table widget here.

Guide Title Search

Use the search bar to find the Brand Guidelines you're looking for. Read more about it here.

Wordpress 5 Enhancements

Our integration with Wordpress 5 now includes the support for document assets and offers a UI for configuring Bynder derivatives. Read more about it here.

Sitecore Integrations Enhancements

The Basic Bynder Sitecore Connector allows for pulling assets directly into Sitecore using Bynder reference URLs. The Advanced Bynder Sitecore Connector imports assets from Bynder into the Sitecore library by utilizing the native Sitecore functionality. Both connectors now make use of our Compact View.

Read more about the Bynder Sitecore Connectors here.Connect Sitecore to Bynder

Drupal 8 Enhancements

Our integration with Drupal 8 now supports our latest version of the Compact View, as well as document assets. Check the integration here.

Episerver Enhancements

We’ve updated the Episerver connector to store asset data locally for improved performance, implemented SNS webhooks, and the option to manually update all available assets and metadata. Read more about the integration here.

Publish to Vimeo

Use Bynder as your central source of truth for marketing and campaign videos, while quickly and easily publishing them to Vimeo—directly from Bynder. Read more about it here.

Workfront through

The automation between Bynder and Workfront enables a configurable asset and data push based on updates in projects, tasks or documents. Read more about it here. iPaaS

The Bynder connector for enables automation of workflows between Bynder and a multitude of tools within the ecosystem. Read more about it here.

Share metadata preset

You can now share the metadata presets you created with other users. Read more about it here.

Set up email notifications for download and upload requests

It’s now up to you if you want auditors to receive email notifications for download or upload requests in your portal. Read more about this configuration here.

Send Digital Brand Template documents to the Waiting Room

Want to add metadata to Digital Brand Template documents before saving them in the asset bank? You can now configure your templates so users have the option to send approved documents to the Waiting Room and apply metadata first. Read more about it here.

Campaign Visibility Restrictions - Digital Brand Templates

Set up visibility restrictions for each Digital Brand Template campaign and make sure the documents for specific campaigns are only visible to relevant users. Read more about it here.

Quickly manage your Digital Brand Template documents

You no longer need to open a document to save, download, or send it to the Waiting Room. Simply click on the settings menu in the documents overview to choose one of these options. Read more about it here.

Brand colors & text styles - Digital Brand Guidelines

You can now apply brand colors and text styles to your content in Digital Brand Templates. Read more about it here.

Workflow & SNS Notifications

You can now receive a SNS notification when a new Creative Workflow job is created in the portal. Read more about SNS notification here.

Fit to frame - Digital Brand Templates

When you add an image to your Digital Brand Templates you can now decide whether you want them to fit or fill the frame. Find out how to set it up here.

Multi-artboard support - Digital Brand Templates

You can now upload .PSD or .Skitch files with multiple artboards and have them created as individual templates. Save yourself time and read more about it here.

Filter inside the Waiting Room

You can now use metaproperty filters inside the Waiting Room. This helps you to find the assets you want to audit more easily. Read more about this here.

Visibility restrictions inside the Waiting Room

Do you have users that should only audit specific upload or download requests? Use metaproperty options to apply visibility restrictions, so that auditors can only see and audit the requests they are responsible for. Read more about it here.

Integrate Wordpress 5 with Bynder

Integrate your Worpress 5 instance with Bynder and seamlessly add your Bynder assets to your Wordpress 5 content. Read more about our integration here.

Redesigned Compact View

Our redesigned Compact View comes with a new design and improved user experience. Read more about the Compact View here and try our demo to experience the improvements made.

Asset Tracker

With our improved version of the Asset Tracker you can now filter the Asset Bank by tracked assets using the advanced filter. This allows you to have a quick overview of what assets are used on different channels.

Public Guides and - Brand Guidelines

You can now set your Guides to public and share them with (external) users without them having to login. Also you can now set up guide visibilty restrictions for specific user profiles and user groups. Read more about public guides and guide visibility in Brand Guidelines here.

Share your Guides via the Bynder app

Are you on the road and you want to share a guide? You can now share your Guides using the Bynder App. Read more about it here.