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Typography in Brand Guidelines

Would you like to set up a different font or font style for the text elements in your Brand Guidelines? With custom fonts and font styles you can customize the way your Brand Guidelines look like.

Tell me more about custom fonts

By default we use the font Source Sans Pro for the content of your Brand Guidelines. Custom fonts allow you to set up a different font and/or font style for your titles, subtitles, paragraphs and captions in Brand Guidelines. This feature is available for clients with custom themed Brand Guidelines and who are on the Basic or Advanced Brand Guidelines plan.

The below table indicates which font element is used for the various elements in Brand Guidelines.

Guide Element

Font element

Title widget


Text widget: Title


Text widget: Subtitle


Text widget: Paragraph


Text widget: Caption


Color widget: Text


Color widget: Tooltip


Table widget


Collection widget title


How to Upload Custom Fonts?

At this moment custom fonts can only be uploaded by Bynder. Contact your Onboarding Manager or Customer Success Manager and provide them with the font file. We support the .OTF and .TTF font format file extensions.


One custom font can be set up for your portal. Multiple custom fonts are not supported yet.

How to Configure Fonts?

  1. Go the Brand Guidelines overview page. Click the guidelines_settings.png button and click .

  2. Click the theme set you want to modify.


    You can't change the typography for the Bynder theme set.

  3. Click Fonts & Typography in the left sidebar. Here you can configure the name, font family, style, size and font color for the available headings.

  4. Click the element for which you want to make customizations

  5. Click the Edit button.

  6. In the Font family dropdown select the desired (custom) font, in the Font style dropdown select the preferred style. Enter the desired font size in the Font size field and use the color picker to set the appropriate font color.

  7. Click Save to save the changes.