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How to create a support ticket?

When you need an issue resolved make sure you are sharing all information with the Bynder support team. We want to be sure to respond to you quickly and efficiently with a relevant response. Please include the following information when submitting a ticket:

Information to provide

  • What?

    What is the specific behavior you are experiencing within your portal.

  • Who?

    What user or users are affected by the problem

  • When?

    When was this behavior first reported

  • Where?

    If possible, provide a direct link, screenshot or video that shows the issue you're experiencing and a HAR file that captures the issue. Also indicate where in the system you are experiencing the problem. For example, the Asset Bank, Guidelines, Creative Workflow or Digital Brand Templates.

Additional Technical details (where applicable)

  • Browser and browser version

  • Error message (screenshot or error message text)