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Use the Advanced filter

The Advanced filter allows you to filter assets on type (for example: image or document), orientation (landscape, portrait, square), size, or, if you're an approver, the files awaiting your approval. Also you can use this filter to search for assets uploaded by a specific user.

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Filtering on image size

The following sizes are available:

  • Large: over 800 px wide

  • Medium: 200-799 px wide

  • Small: 1-199 px wide

  • Custom: enables you to filter by asset dimensions that fall within a specified range. Enter the minimum resolution you want to search for in the From field and enter the maximum one in the To field. When the dimensions of one of the sides of the image fall within this range, the asset will be returned as search result.

Filtering on video duration

Follow the steps below to filter videos by duration. Contact your Customer Success Manager if this feature is not available for your portal, who is happy to assist you in setting this up.

  1. Click the Duration tab in the Advanced filter.

  2. Select one of the available options:

    • All: All videos will be shown.

    • Long (>20min): Only videos longer than 20 minutes will be shown.

    • Medium (5-20min) Only videos with a duration between 5 and 20 minutes.

    • Short (<5min) Only videos shorter than 5 minutes will be shown.

Filtering on file type

The following file formats are displayed in the results when applying selected Advanced filters:


Illustration, Flash and Sourcefiles are not currently active and do not display any results.

  • Image: jpg,jpeg,png,gif,bmp,tif,tiff,ai,eps,psd,psb,cr2,crw,nef,nrw,raw,dng,raf,x3f,pef,dng,rw2,kdc,dcr,arw,sr2,mrw,orf,3fr,dng,erf,mos

  • Video: mov,avi,flv,mp4,wmv,mpg,mpeg,vob,mkv,mxf,m4v,f4v,3gpp,3gp,ogv,ts,mts,m2ts,3g2,3gp,m2v,webm

  • Audio: wav,mp3,ocm,wma,m4a,ogg,aiff,aif,m4r: audio

  • Document: all the file types that are not mentioned above (for example ZIP or INDD files) fall into this category,

  • 3D: 3ds,3mf,blen,dae,drc,dxf,fbx,gltf,glb,lwo,obj,off,ply,rvm,skp,stl,u3d,xsi

Filtering on files for approval

If you use workflow and you are an approver for files exported from workflow jobs, you can use the Sent for review filter. In this way, you can get a quick overview of files that are awaiting your attention in the Workflow approval tab of the Waiting room. You can approve these files in the Waiting room.

Filtering on added by

Use the Added by field if you want to search for assets uploaded by a specific user. You can search for active as well as inactive users. It is not possible to filter on deleted users.

Contact your Customer Success Manager if the Added by field is not available.

Filtering on tracked assets

Use the Distributed Assets field if you want to display the assets that are used on different channels and tracked by the Asset Tracker.

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