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Use the Mass Version Updater

Version Updater is a feature that helps you update versions of existing assets. For example, you might want to batch update existing PDF files, because the content changes on a monthly basis. The version updater can also create new assets if the version uploaded cannot be linked to any original asset. You can decide if all new assets should go directly to the Asset Library, or they should first be verified based on required metaproperties. If any of the required metaproperties is absent, the asset is directed to the Waiting Room.

In the Mass Version Updater, drag and drop files to start upload automatically. There is no limit in the number of files that can be uploaded in one batch. When something goes wrong during upload, the system automatically retries to complete the upload.

If the upload is successful, new versions are added to the original asset. The new version is also added to the versions count even if the asset goes to the Waiting room.


If you want to upload single assets, you can also upload a new version on the Asset Detail page. See (link)

How to use the Mass Version Updater?

  1. Go to YourUserName > Mass Version Updater.

  2. Drag and drop the files to upload.


If assets have been uploaded, the Successful status displays. You can click on the File Name hyperlink to go directly to the asset.

  • Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 18.17.26.png
    Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 18.17.26.png
  • By default, the Mass Version Updater checks the File Name during uploading. So if the asset name is changed in Bynder, the updater will still only check the (original) File Name.

  • If an asset gets a Not matched status in the Version Updater, it might happen that the same asset already exists in the Asset Library and in the Waiting room.

  • If an asset has a multiselect metaproperty with comma-separated values in the attached metadata tag, then the system creates separate metaproperty options for this metaproperty when this asset is uploaded and created in Bynder.

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