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Direct links to filters or search results

Use the customizable links below to automatically apply filters or searches when the portal loads, without users having to use the portal navigation. Also you can find direct URLs to our Bynder modules.

You can for example put these URLs behind one of the menu buttons in your portal or they can be placed on one of your external websites. With this time-saving solution you can be sure your users are redirected correctly and immediately get to see the right material.


Make sure that you replace the variables in orange with the names and values that apply to your portal setup.

Direct links to Bynder modules

Use the quick links below to access one of the Bynder modules directly without having to use the menu or navigation buttons.

Metaproperty views

Use the two views below to create an overview page for a metaproperty. This will give your users a more visual way to browse through the metaproperty.

Direct links to filters and search results

Do you want the portal to open with a specific filter or search result without users having to use the portal navigation? Customize one of the available example URLs below to link to your own filters and search results.

Select one of the categories below to see the available direct link structures.


You can easily create a direct link for a single filter or search word using the inspector of your browser. See Create your own direct link.

Quicklinks for Creative Workflow

Use the quick links below to access one of the Creative Workflow sections directly without having to use the navigation.

Quicklinks for Brand Guidelines

Follow the steps below to create direct links to specific guides in Brand Guidelines