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Importing assets with AWS Snowball

Are you in the onboarding process or planning an import and do you need to send us a large number of assets? We can provide you with an AWS Snowball device, where you can copy your files to and avoid high network costs, long transfer times and security concerns. This is a data transport solution offered by Amazon Web Services and allows you to transfer large amounts of data in a quick and safe manner. Read more about this solution below.

Tell me more about the AWS Snowball solution

AWS Snowball is a data transport solution offered by Amazon Web Services, which allows you to transfer large amounts of data in a quick, safe and encrypted manner. Depending on the amount of storage you need to transfer, we can ship one or more Snowballs to your preferred location. You can connect one or more Snowball devices to your machine and use a 10GBaseT network connection to copy your assets to the device using the AWS Snowball Client software. This allows you to transfer multiple terabytes of data from your data source to the device in about a day. One Snowball can hold up to 80TB of data (50TB devices are available in the USA only). When you need to transfer more data you can connect multiple Snowballs in parallel or serially one after another. All data will be encrypted using a 256-bit encryption, which you can manage by the AWS Key Management Service (KMS). The keys are never sent to or stored on the device.

Once all your data has been transferred to the Snowball, the device is ready to be returned. The E ink shipping label on the ruggedized case will automatically display the address of the AWS facility where the Snowball will be returned to. You can schedule a pick up with your local carrier's website or bring the Snowball to the nearest location store of your preferred carrier.

AWS charges you a service fee per data transfer job excluding shipping costs. This fee includes the use of a Snowball device for 10 days of onsite usage for free. The shipping days, which include the day the device is received and the day it is shipped back to AWS, are not counted toward the 10 free days.


When you have the Snowball device onsite for longer than 10 days an additional fee of per day will be charged.

Read more about the latest features, technical details, pricing and procedures of the ASW Snowball here.

How to request an AWS Snowball device?

Contact your Customer Success Manager or Onboarding Manager and provide them with the following details:

  • The amount of data in GB or TB you need to transfer. Based on this amount we can request the right amount of necessary Snowball devices.

  • Provide us with a CSV file which includes the metadata the assets need to be tagged with. You can find more instructions on preparing this file here.

  • The delivery address the Snowball(s) need to be sent to.