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Creatives in Video Brand Studio (VBS)

A creative acts as your project file. A published creative can be saved as a template for reuse, while templates can be imported and used as a creative. The maximum supported length of a creative in VBS is 5 minutes.

From the creative section, videos can either be generated on demand, or in batch.

How to Import Adobe Premier Pro XML Files

  1. Export your Final Cut Pro file to XML. Follow these instructions for more information.


    VBS supports XML Final Cut Pro files up to 5 minutes.

  2. Go to Video Brand Studio and make sure that all the assets used in your Final Cut Pro file are uploaded to the Assets section. Read more about uploading assets to VBS here.

  3. Go to Video Brand Studio, open the Creatives tab and click the New Creative + button.

  4. Click Import in the left sidebar.

  5. Drag and drop your XML file to the Drag and drop section or double click this area to select a XML file.

  6. Click the Edit button.

The following information will be imported from the XML file:

  • The resolution of the video.

  • The global length of the video.

  • The start and end point of image, video and text elements on the timeline.

  • The names of each image and video element will correspond to the asset that was used in the project.

The following actions will be performed:

  • The files used in your Final Cut Pro file will be automatically mapped to the assets available in VBS. Mapping takes place if both file names are identical.


    Why my assets are not mapped?

    • Check if the file used in your Final Cut Pro file has been uploaded to the Assets section of VBS.

    • Check if the file name in Final Cut Pro is identical to the file name of the asset in VBS.

  • The frame offset (inherited from the source media) for each video element is reflected in VBS, which means that the video assets will start at the correct frame.

  • The font, font weight, size, and colour of all text elements will be set up correctly. The font is selected based on the font name and needs to be available in VBS. Contact your Customer Success Manager to upload your fonts to VBS.

  • The size and position of all elements are mapped correctly to the canvas.

  • Elements are added to the correct track in the timeline, which will correspond to the tracks available in Adobe Premiere.


The following information cannot be imported from an XML file.

  • Exact position of text in the canvas

  • Groups

Get Creative

  1. Go to the creative_VBS.pngCreatives section of your portal and click New creative.

  2. In the Templates tab you can select a user generated template and in the Gallery tab you select templates that are created by Bynder. Alternatively, you can import a template by making use of a XML file in the Import tab. Once you have selected your template click Create video and you will be taken to the on demand generator.

  3. By default, the first scene will be displayed in the on demand generator. In the storyline you can click the scene you want to customize or you can go from shot to shot by clicking the Next button in the right sidebar.

    When you click a scene it will be displayed in the canvas. If the shot is customizable you can use the available options in the right sidebar to adjust it to your liking.

  4. Once you've finished customizing your scenes click the Settings tile next to the last frame or click Next: Settings in the right sidebar.

  5. Click Browse in the Audio section to select a track for your video and enter a name for your video in the Video Name field.

  6. Click Generate and click Generate options to choose between an On demand and Batch video creation. On demand

    Click On demand if you want to create a single video or click Batch if you want to create multiple videos at the same time. Click the mode below for more information.

  1. Choose the template you would like to use for your creative.

  2. This is where your generated videos can be found.

  3. The name of the template used for the creative.

Creative Editor

The creative editor allows you to make the following changes to your video before you publish it.

  • Change, move and edit video image and text elements

  • Change transitions and animations

  • Add or update audio for the video

  • Change background colour


The scenes of a creative are locked and cannot be changed. Any element locked in the template will also not be editable. Layers are also locked and cannot be changed.


Where are my generated videos?

In the Videos column on the Collections Overview page you will find all videos generated for the corresponding creative. Here you can download your videos, or regenerate more.

Why I can't edit an element in creative that I'm trying to change?

When creating a template, each element can be locked, meaning it cannot be edited in the creative editor. If you need to edit an element, you can always duplicate the template and re-publish it without the element locked.

How long does it take to generate a video?

The render time of a video depends on the complexity of the effects. The more effects there are, the longer the video will take.

How do I download all my videos at once?

You can easily download any videos right from the main page, select the videos you'd like to download using the tick box on the left, then choose Download videos from the top menu.


One creative can hold multiple videos and these will all be downloaded at once when selecting this option. To download individually, enter the videos section as demonstrated at fig. 2 in the image above. Hovering on a video will give you the option to download.

Why the data inside the CSV file that I downloaded for batch generating videos is not formatted properly in Excel?

You may run into this issue if your machine is set to European localization. Follow the guides below to change your regional settings.

Why the special characters are not displaying properly when I open them in an exported CSV file?

Video Brand Studio supports CSV files that are configured in the UTF-8 format. Please ensure that when you save your CSV file, it is in the UTF-8 format to ensure all special characters will be preserved.