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Placements and Video Brand Studio (VBS)

What are placements and how do they work in combination with Video Brand Studio (VBS)? Read more about creating Facebook placements below.

Facebook Dynamic Creative

A dynamic creative campaign on Facebook allows you to create multiple combinations of your assets (videos, text, headline, description and call to action) into one ad automatically.

Facebook then programmatically combines these assets to deliver multiple variations of the ad. As there are multiple versions generated, the performance data of each combination will be automatically analysed and used to optimise the campaign.

What is a placement?

A placement is a video or set of videos on the Video Brand Studio platform, which is connected to one ad set inside a Facebook campaign.


Only one placement can be used for one ad set.


You can set up various ad sets wi one campaign, however only ad sets set to Dynamic Creative will be useable for a placement.

How do I set up a placement?

Before you can create a placement in the Video Brand Studio platform, you first need to set up the campaign on Facebook.

  1. Go to your Ads Manager and select Create under the Campaigns tab.

  2. Give your campaign a unique name.

  3. Click Buying type and choose Auction.

  4. In the Campaign objective dropdown, select one of the following options:

    • Conversions

    • App installs

    • Link clicks

    • Traffic

    • Brand awareness

    • Lead generation

    • Reach

    • Video views

  5. Make sure the Split test option is turned off. Campaign budget optimisation can be adjusted later so we will leave it turned off for now.

  6. Enter a unique name for your ad set in the Ad set name fie

  7. Finally, choose Skip ad under the create ad option.

  8. Click Save to Draft. An ad set will be created in your ad account.

  9. Go to the ad set you created in the campaign. This should still be in draft. Access your ad set by clicking Ad set name or the link at the top of the page

  10. Once you are in your ad set, turn on the Dynamic creative option.

  11. Choose your budget, schedule, audience, placement type and delivery settings as normal.

  12. Click Publish to make the campaign available to select in the placements section of the Video Brand Studio platform.


  1. When you're in Video Brand Studio go to placements_VBS.pngPlacements in the left side menu and click Add placement in the top right corner.

  2. Enter a name for your placement in the Placement name field and choose Facebook in the Select channel dropdown.

  3. Hover over your new placement and click Edit.

    • Settings

      After selecting your ad account, choose the campaign and ad set we created earlier.

    • Videos

      In the Videos tab you can choose up to 10 videos to use in your placement. Click the plus_icon_VBS.png button in the last column of the video selection table to add a video to the placement. Click the remove_video_VBSpng.png icon to remove a video from the placement.


      In order to see the plus_icon_VBS.png and remove_video_VBSpng.png buttons you may have to scroll to the right in the video selection table.

    • Assets

      Add your text, headline and descriptions, along with a call to action. You can add up to 5 of each.

  4. Click the Publish button in the top right to send your ads to Facebook for approval. This normally takes around 5 minutes.

  5. Once your placement is live, you can monitor the performance by clicking on the analyse option from the main placement page. For a quick overview select the dropdown arrow to the right of your placement.

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