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What is Studio?

Studio makes it simple for anyone to create and serve high quality video advertising at scale. Read more about Studio below.


Studio, formerly knows as We Adapt, is now part of the Bynder product and has been renamed as Studio.

What can Studio do?

  • Create HD videos up to 5 minutes right in your browser - No need for expensive editing software.

  • Save time and money by being your own creative agency - Create, deploy & optimise your video campaigns in minutes.

  • Easily tailor your campaigns to each platform, screen-size and customer - Adapt to your market to increase relevance and performance.

  • On brand and on message - Easily add your brand identity to every video.

  • Data driven - Scale and target your campaigns using realtime data.

Studio is a self service platform allowing you to instantly create captivating video templates. Turn your template into a unique creative, by giving it the finishing touch. Next create your placement. Analyse the performance of your placements and optimise.

Who is Studio for?

  • Marketers who want to scale their video advertising.

  • SMEs who want to run branded video campaigns on budget.

  • Enterprise who want more control and accountability from their campaigns.

  • Agencies who want to automate their creative process.

  • Anyone who wants to automate the process of creating and deploying video advertising campaigns.

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