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Uploading Videos to the Waiting Room or External Channels

As the editor you have the option to send videos to the waiting room or download them directly. If you have Youtube or Facebook configured, you can export your videos directly to the Waiting Room or upload them to other video platforms and channels such as Brightcove, Facebook, and YouTube.

How to Upload Videos to Other Channels

  1. Make sure the accounts you want to upload to are set up. Read more about connecting your accounts here.

  2. Go to the creative_VBS.png Creatives section and open the video overview screen of the creative where you can find the video(s) you want to upload.

  3. Select the video(s) you want to upload. The upload_videos_VBS.png button will appear in the top bar.

  4. Click the upload_videos_VBS.png button to start the upload and select the channel below for more specific upload information.


Once you choose upload, you have 2 options.

Click Waiting Room if you want to export the videos to the portal's Waiting Room, where they'll need to be approved before being added to the Asset Bank.

Approvers can find the videos under the Upload tab in the Request type menu.


Once exported, it may take a few minutes before the videos appear in the Waiting Room.

Learn more about the waiting room here.

  1. Open the Select Brightcove account and select the account you want to upload the video(s) to.

  2. (Optional) Select the playlist the video(s) should be added to.


    • If no playlist is selected, the video(s) will be uploaded to the main Brightcove account.

    • You can only select one playlist per upload.

    • If the playlist is full the (remaining) videos will be uploaded to the main account.

  3. Click Upload to start uploading the videos to Brightcove. The videos will be automatically uploaded in the background.

You can use Studio to directly upload videos to your Facebook Ad account(s), so that you can use them in your Facebook Campaigns.


Videos uploaded to a Facebook ad account cannot be used for Facebook groups or pages.

  1. Open the Facebook ad account dropdown and select the ad account you want to upload the video(s) to.

  2. Click the Upload button to upload the video(s) to the ad account. The videos will be automatically uploaded in the background.

  1. Open the YouTube channel dropdown and select the channel you want to upload the video(s) to.

  2. Select the preferred privacy level for your video.

    • Private: Only people you choose can see your videos.

    • Public: Anyone who visits your channel can see your videos.


      For security reasons the Public option is disabled by default. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to have this option enabled for your portal.

    • Unlisted: Your videos are not searchable, however can be accessed by anyone who has the link.

  3. Click Upload to start uploading the videos to YouTube. Your videos will be automatically uploaded to YouTube in the background.

Video Log

In order to track the status of uploaded videos, you can find a Video Log dropdown in each video preview panel. The log will be updated with the status of each of your video uploads.

Once the video has been successfully uploaded to another channel, you will see Uploaded to XXX.

Clicking anywhere on Uploaded to XXX will copy the shortened video link, ready to be shared or viewed.



How many videos can I upload at once?

You can upload up to 50 videos at once. If you need to upload more you may upload in batches of 50.


Please note there is an overall daily upload limit applied by YouTube for each customer account.

Can I upload copyrighted content to YouTube?

Uploaded videos from Studio must still adhere to standard YouTube terms of service. Read more here.

My videos have names longer than 100 characters, do I need to rename them all?

No, any videos uploaded that have names over 100 characters will automatically be edited. The end of the names will be truncated, so be sure you don't have important information at the end of your video names.

Why can't I see my videos in my channel yet?

Some videos may take a few minutes to show up in your channel, depending on how large they are and also how many other videos are in the queue.

Which privacy setting should I choose?

If you will be using your videos in marketing campaigns, your videos need to be either public or unlisted.