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Are you making use of Episerver and would you like to add your Bynder assets to your Episerver content? Save yourself the time of uploading your assets twice and start using the Episerver integration. Add your image, video, audio and document assets from Bynder to Episerver without having to worry whether they are up-to-date. The integration ensures that the latest version of your Bynder assets is always reflected in your Episerver content.

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With this integration you can add your Bynder assets (images, videos, audio and documents) to your Episerver content. Our Compact View allows you to search and filter for assets using the metaproperties, tags and other metadata you tagged your assets with in Bynder. You can configure which derivative(s) you want to be used by the integration, so that only the desired formats are added to your Episerver content. The integration supports Digital Asset Transformations (DAT) and makes use of the CDN URLs. By making use of the Bynder reference CDN URLs and our automatic CloudFront invalidation process the plugin ensures that the latest version of your asset is always reflected in your Episerver content.

You can track which assets are used on your Episerver solution by making use of our Asset Tracker and ensure that your users are warned when they try to archive or delete an asset that is used in your Episerver content. The Episerver integration also supports SNS notifications. This allows you for example to receive notifications in Episerver when assets in your DAM are archived or deleted, so that you can take the appropriate follow-up action for your Episerver content.

The integration supports OAuth 2.0 and is available for Episerver Cloud (Content and Commerce) and on premise.

How to download the Episerver integration

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to start using this integration.

How to install and configure the Episerver integration

Once you have received the installation package, check the file in the package for installation and configuration instructions. In this file you can also read more about the script to automate SQL migration.

How to use the Episerver integration

Add an asset
  1. Create a new page or open an existing page in Episerver and make sure you're in the editing mode and that the page contains blocks you can drag and drop content to.

  2. If necessary, toggle the assets pane by clicking the episerver_assets_pane.png in the right top corner.

  3. Click the + Select assets button in the Bynder workspace section. A popup will open.

  4. Click Open Compact View. The Compact View will open. If your company's Bynder portal URL is already filled in in the pop-up, click Connect. If not, enter the URL in the below format. A popup will open, which allows you to login to your Bynder environment environment.
  5. Login to the portal in the usual way. Click on Yes if you want to allow the Compact View to fetch the assets from the portal.

  6. In the Asset tab use the filter bar or search bar filter and search for the assets you need. Select the files(s) you need and click Add media to add the asset(s) to your Episerver. In the Collection tab select the collection that you want to add or click the collection and select the file(s) you want to add. Click Add media to add the asset(s) to your Episerver environment.

  7. Click OK to add the selected asset(s) with all their available derivatives to your Bynder workspace in Episerver.

  8. Go to the Bynder workspace section and drag and drop the desired derivative of the asset you want to add to one of the available content blocks on your page.

  9. Repeat the previous steps as often as necessary to add other Bynder assets to your Episerver page.

  10. (Optional) Publish your page to push your changes live.


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