Knowledge Base

Bynder modules

Bynder central features are designed with three core functions in mind; to streamline and automate your internal content processes; increase team agility with a quicker time to market for your marketing projects, and ultimately increase the value of your brand with scaling consistency.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management or the Asset Library is a perfect solution to store, manage, share and organize digital assets. See Asset Library (DAM).


The Analytics module allows you easily keep up-to-date with what is happening in your portal. The Basic dashboards give you a quick and easy overview of the portal's traffic and usage. Read more about our Basic dashboard and stay tuned for our future Advanced and Custom Package. See Bynder Analytics.

Creative Workflow

With Bynder's Creative Workflow module, you can easily collaborate and communicate with departments and external agencies. You can review and approve tasks and assets, and indicate who is responsible for which projects. See Creative Workflow.

Brand Templates

Use the Brand Templates module to manage the materials you want to print, customize them online with a simple editor, and upload to Workflow so that they can be reviewed and approved. See Brand Templates.

Product layer

Product layer helps you collect and manage all the product-related data so that you can have all up-to-date information and images at hand and ready to use in product marketing communication. See Product Layer.


The Guidelines module provides users with an interactive style guide to keep them updated on your brand’s corporate identity guidelines. See Guidelines.

Brand store

Brand store offers a central platform for ordering promotional materials. It works as a standard online shop, and you can select and add products to a shopping cart and proceed to checkout. See Brand store.

News management

With News management you can customize the featured content on your Brand Portal landing page. See News management