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Default Theme

We’ve improved our standard Bynder look and feel to make it consistent across all our modules. Read more about the theme below.


Consistent look and feel

Updated design principles with the Global Bynder Design Language which result in a consistent look and feel across the portal, especially with new modules like Brand Guidelines and Digital Brand Templates.

Future-proofing and naming

One default theme as the foundation for all future themes. You always get the latest and greatest and don’t need to update (bi)yearly to get the newest theme.

Dashboard slider

One of the most recurring theming questions is regarding difficulties with creating a correctly sized dashboard slider image because the width is dependent on the users’ screen size. We changed the dashboard slider image size from 100% width to the content area width so you can create specific image sizes for the slider that will look the same on every screen. 

Do you want to try it out and see if your header image still looks as you want it to? Read more about it here.

How to Test the Default Theme

Would you like to see what the default theme looks like on your portal? Follow the steps below to check out the updated theme and the new image slider.

  1. Log in to your portal.

  2. In the address bar you will see the portal URL. Add ?theme-preview to the end of the URL and press Enter. For example:

    Current URL

    New URL

You will now see a preview of the updated theme

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