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Bynder Product Update August 2020

August 2020

We’ve got some exciting new updates we’ve been working on that we think you’ll find useful, making your Bynder experience even better. 

These features will be made available by Monday, August 24, 2020 at 3 PM CET.


New Permissions Profile Management

By cleaning up the interface and creating more clear names and descriptions for each option, permissions profile management in Bynder is now more intuitive for admins to configure profiles, assign permissions, and see what each profile has the ability to do. This update will be rolled out to our customers in phases between August 19, 2020 and September 7th, 2020. 

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Asset Permissions Checker

“Why don’t I see that!?” If you use metaproperty options to determine what users or groups have access to assets, you can now view those permissions on the asset detail view. This helps to diagnose why certain users or groups have access or not. 

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Improved Look and Feel

Our new default theme is more flexible and future proof than ever. No matter what features, modules or header images are added, or which screen size your users have, it’ll always deliver a consistent user experience.

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Digital Brand Templates

Improved Export from Overview Experience

Users on Advanced Digital Brand Templates can now pick and choose which artboards to download, send to the asset bank, or alternatively send to the Waiting Room, individually or in groups—direct from the document overview. 

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Spell Checker

No more pesky spelling mistakes on your content! Do a quick spell check directly in Digital Brand Templates before you export your document or send for approval. 

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Brand Guidelines

Guide Overview List Mode

You can now view all of your guides in a tile view or list view to easily scan and find the guide you are looking for. Additionally, information like the creation date of the guide is also displayed in the list view.  

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Additional Layout Options for Columns

For easy customization, there are now three new section layout options available including one with three symmetrical columns, as well as distributing the two column layouts asymmetrically in a 30/70 ratio or a 70/30 ratio. These expand the previously existing single column and double column layouts.

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Hyperlink to Email Address

Hyperlink email addresses within your guides so users can click and directly open up an email to the address listed. Simply click to add a link in the text widget, type “mailto:” and then the email address you would like to link to.

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Asset Preview for Embedded Assets

For assets embedded on a page, viewers can now click to enlarge, with options to view the full asset detail in the DAM (if they are a user) or download the embedded image if available. 

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Creative Workflow

Custom Job Overview in General Availability

View and configure the Job Overview by using custom campaign and job metaproperties as columns and filters. You can also add quick notes directly from the overview. Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature.

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Upload Multiple Assets (iOS and Android)

To be more efficient when working on the go, users can now upload multiple assets at once to the DAM through the iOS and Android mobile apps. 

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Optional Configuration to Skip Waiting Room (iOS and Android)

For quicker access, admins and those with the right permissions are now able to configure uploads to skip the Waiting Room and go straight into the asset bank. 

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Upload Video Assets (iOS)

To quickly start utilizing videos created on your mobile device, users can now upload video assets into the DAM through the iOS mobile app.

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Download and Share Assets (Android)

Users can now download and share assets on the go both individually or through collections via the Android mobile app. 

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Drupal 8 Enhancements

We have made some enhancements to our Drupal 8 connector to make the integration more powerful. They include support for documents, the option to import assets into Drupal to utilize native functionality or use CDN links, and automatic updates to synced assets and metadata.

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Getty Integration

Automatically sync your Getty purchased stock to Bynder by sending it to the Waiting Room for approval before storing in the asset bank.

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Shutterstock Integration

Automatically sync your Shutterstock purchased stock to Bynder by sending it to the Waiting Room for approval before storing in the asset bank.

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Knowledge Base

New and Improved Knowledge Base Experience

We’ve launched an improved knowledge base to help you more easily find and access information related to your Bynder portal. Why not see for yourself?

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