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Gelato Globe Integration

Are you connected to Gelato's printing platform and would you like to use your Bynder assets for your print work? Use Bynder as your source of truth and synchronize your assets with Gelato to ensure your print work is up to date and aligned with your branding.

Tell me More About the Gelato Integration

Gelato is a software platform that gives global companies access to local printers around the world with a focus on sustainability. By printing locally companies can reduce their carbon footprint and save costs at the same time

By integrating Gelato with your Bynder portal you can use your Bynder assets for on-demand print work in Gelato. Assets that are tagged in Bynder with a customizable Gelato tag will become available in the Gelato library. Any modification or update you make in Bynder will be reflected in Gelato. SNS notifications facilitate the synchronization process in the background making sure that your assets in Gelato are up-to-date and if necessary removed.

How to Enable the Gelato Integration

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to integrate your Gelato account with Bynder.


A valid Gelato subscription is required for the Gelato integration to work

How to Configure the Gelato Integration

Read more about the setup and configuration details here.

How to Use the Gelato Integration

  1. Go to your Bynder portal.

  2. Upload the assets that you want to become available in Gelato or (batch) edit existing assets.

  3. Tag them with the specific Gelato tag set up under the Gelato Bynder DAM settings. Read more about tagging assets here.


    Contact your portal administrator if you don't know which tag to use.

  4. Finish your upload or (batch) edit.

The assets will now become available in your Gelato library under the Dam Import folder.

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