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Kentico Kontent Integration

Would you like to use your Bynder assets in the headless CMS Kentico Kontent? Use Bynder as your single source of truth and save yourself the time of uploading your image assets twice by integrating Kentico Kontent with Bynder.

Once you've added a Bynder image selector to a Kentico Kontent content type, you can directly import you Bynder image assets into your Kentico content. You can also use the integration to display a Bynder-powered image gallery below your articles.


Are you looking to integrate with the digital experience platform Kentico Xperience instead? Read more about our integration with Kentico Xperience here.

How to Set Up the Kentico Integration?

Deploy the code of the Bynder image selector custom element for Kentico Kontent in order to enable the integration. Read the installation instructions here.

Before you can start adding Bynder images to your Kentico content you first need to add a Bynder image selector to a Kentico content type. Follow these steps to set that up.

How to Add Bynder Images to Kentico Kontent Articles?

Once you've set up Follow these steps to add Bynder images to your Kentico content or to set up an image gallery powered by Bynder.


  • The integration only supports adding image assets. Other file formats such as video and audio files are not supported.

    Please contact Kentico Kontent for more information.

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