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Bynder Product Update September 2020

September 2020

We’ve got some exciting new updates we’ve been working on that we think you’ll find useful, making your Bynder experience even better. 

These features will be made available by Monday, October 5, 2020 at 3 PM CET.


Improved Look and Feel

Our new default theme is more flexible and future-proof than ever. No matter what features, modules or header images are added, or which screen size your users have, it’ll always deliver a consistent user experience.

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Self-service Waiting Room filter configuration

Are you approving content of a specific type, country or brand? Apply any filter in the Waiting Room to approve with ease. Set your default filter to make approvals even smoother.

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Asset change history

Who’s changed the meta-information on all those files? No more asking around—just check the asset change history.

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Digital Brand Templates

Linked Layers: Background colors

Choose your background color and apply it across an entire artboard with just one click and get your content to market faster.

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Brand Guidelines

Google Analytics enablement

What guidelines pages are viewed the most? And by how many users? Get insights into Brand Guidelines usage with Google Analytics.

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Add custom name field to brand colours

Maintaining multiple brand guidelines? Make sure you stick to your custom brand names across all guidelines.

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Tile and Text widget unification

Adding text to the guidelines pages just got easier. One page, one style, no more errors.

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Spacing divider

Get your guidelines even more structured by adding spacing dividers in between content blocks.

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Web application firewall

Your data's security is always priority number one. As part of our commitment in maintaining the highest security standards for our users, we will implement a web application firewall (WAF). Having a WAF in place means that using Bynder is now more secure than ever. Put simply, a WAF monitors, filters, and blocks data packets as they travel to and from your web application or API.

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Video Brand Studio

Export to Brightcove

Publish your videos faster by directly exporting them from Video Brand Studio to Brightcove. 

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Export to Facebook

Publish your videos faster by directly exporting them from Video Brand Studio to Facebook.

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Default crop mode for video assets

Working on multiple video formats? Your starting screen will now always be covering the full canvas, saving you some manual work. 

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Add assets at playhead on timeline

Select and add text, image, or video elements to your video production with ease and drop them exactly where they should go on the timeline.

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Magnolia CMS Connector

Connect Bynder with the headless CMS Magnolia to manage your Bynder assets from within the Magnolia UI. 

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CI Hub Connector

Connect Bynder with CI Hub and add files directly from the DAM when working with Microsoft or Adobe products. 

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