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Bynder Product Update December 2020

December 2020

We’ve got some exciting new updates we’ve been working on that we think you’ll find useful, making your Bynder experience even better. 

These features will be made available by Monday, January 4, 2021 at 3 PM CET.

Digital Brand Templates

Linked Images and Text in Template Sets - Digital Brand Templates

Create batches of assets for social media, banners, and ads for all your channels more quickly than ever before. On top of previously released features for Template Sets–like linked backgrounds and settings–admins can now link images and text across sets of templates, so marketers can make changes once and instantly see them across all variations. 

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Delete Campaigns - Digital Brand Templates

Admins are now able to delete campaigns to help keep your working area tidy and relevant, and of course to cover up any campaigns created accidentally. 

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Video Brand Studio

Send to Waiting Room - Video Brand Studio

Videos created can now be configured to be sent to the Waiting Room (up to 50 at one time) to await tagging and approval before being stored in the asset bank. 

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Brand Guidelines

Table of Contents - Brand Guidelines

To make pages easier to navigate, editors can now include a table of contents to enable users to jump to sections within the page.

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Collapsible Chapters and Pages - Brand Guidelines

To clean up the sidebar navigation, guide users can expand and collapse chapters and pages. 

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Guide Access Improvements - Brand Guidelines

Guide access can be configured per guide allowing you to enable editors and viewers for each guide.

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Upload Files from Desktop [BETA] - Brand Guidelines

Editors can upload assets from their desktop into the Media Widget. If you would like to try this feature out, please contact your CSM. 

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NEW: SAP Commerce Cloud - Integrations

Connect Bynder to SAP Commerce Cloud’s Backoffice and SmartEdit to use your brand-approved product and web assets in e-commerce experiences.  

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Share Multiple Assets (Android) - Mobile

Users can now share multiple assets at one time through the Android mobile app.

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Collections Improvements (Android) - Mobile

Users can now add multiple assets to a collection, easily share collections, and delete collections directly from the Android mobile app.

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