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Support Form

With a support form users can contact the right person when they have content related questions or experience technical issues. The support form is available within the portal. This way, users don't have to leave the portal in order to request the assistance they're looking for. With just a few clicks they can select the department they need assistance from and send a message describing their question or issue.

A portal can have a default support and if necessary additional tiered support forms. The default form can contain one or more categories with points of contact that users can get in touch with. The default form will be available to all users who are not assigned to a tiered support form.

Tiered support forms can for example be created for content managers and external agencies. By only including the fields and functionalities that are relevant to the specific permission profile the support form becomes more user friendly and time saving.


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How to Enable and Manage the Support Form?

Normally the support form is set up in collaboration with your Onboarding Manager during the implementation phase of the portal. Contact your Onboarding Manager or Customer Success Manager if you would like to have the default support form, and if necessary, tiered forms enabled for your portal. We're happy to further assist you in setting this up.

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